President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.0.5

President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.0.5 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a President Infinity (President Forever 2016) owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This release fixes a number of bugs, and adds Mr. Donald Trump.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • loading game > fixed ‘date time’ bug
  • Surrogates > automated > fixed bug where would not campaign
  • 1 day per turn mode > increasing Org. Strength now takes 2 CPs just on the first turn
  • 7 days per turn mode > ads run every day, instead of just first day
  • Ads Screen > modified how information displayed
  • Fixed bug where players could select Veep candidates who shouldn’t be available
  • Changed code for ad CP calculation, which might fix bug reported with ads continuing to cost CPs even though created
  • Fixed bug where momentum not decreasing quickly enough, leading to lopsided %s
  • Main Map > 2016, 2012, 2008, 1968, 1912 > GA, AR > moved state abbrev. right
  • 2016 > added Mr. Donald Trump

What’s coming up in future updates, listed in terms of priority

  • Continuing implementation of Kickstarter campaign in-game rewards (surrogates and endorsers)
  • Favorability ratings that determine percentages (allows for more realistic modeling)
  • Continuing to expand the 2016 candidates (Chafee, Pataki)
  • Continuing to fix any bugs

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link.

If for some reason there is no “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link in your e-mail and you are a President Infinity (President Forever 2016) owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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83 thoughts on “President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.0.5”

  1. @Anthony

    The elections aren’t as crazy as before this update, but they still seem like they need to be fixed. I just simulated an election starting in July. Clinton and Walker were the nominees. As in every simulation, Republicans take an early lead and are generally up by 8% or more.

    Walker/Pawlenty won 54.2% 343 EVs vs Clinton/Kaine 44.2% 195 EVs. I got 1.6% as Green, despite never doing anything.

    The following are states that showed unrealistic results
    TX 84.2% Rep
    OK 88.2% Rep
    AL 75.4% Rep
    GA 74.4% Dem(!)
    VA 69.7% Rep
    The other states were close. Reps always win MA for some reason. I think it would help if there was a minimum and/or maximum % that the specific parties get in each state. I don’t think I’ve simulated a Democratic victory in the last few updates. The random Georgia victory for the Dems is a thing I see occasionally. I think the CPU just selects a state and focuses on it, aiming to reduce the opposing party to zero.

  2. @Bjorn,

    Heh – will be updated with next release.


    The high %s will be addressed when implementing Favorability, which is next up. Thanks for this.


    Yes, an issues update is high on the to-do list – it will most likely be done once Favorability is implemented.

  3. Looking at Trump’s stances, I feel some of them may be off a bit (which I know is tough with non-politicians because they have no voting record).

    “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.”
    Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.102 , Jul 2, 2000

    Health Care should be universal healthcare modeled after Canada:

  4. @Josh,

    Thanks for this – the first thing I would say is that his 2000 book isn’t necessarily a reflection of his views now. I thought the best correlate for his views now was the center-right position instead of the center-left, but feedback welcome on this.

    With healthcare, you might be right that he’s far-left instead of centrist. Again, further feedback welcome on this.

  5. I know… It’s just the latest info he has on those stances. There really is no telling what he thinks on an issue.

  6. I would keep his positions “center-right”. Something that is more accurate than what he said in 2000.

  7. @anthony

    Don’t you think Sanders should have the second place in the list instead of Biden? Bernies numbers are currently way higher than Bidens.

  8. @anthony

    Will you also add Jim Gilmore as an of-candidate? and Bob Ehrlich as an off-candidate?

    While being low tier candidates Gilmore is running and Ehrlich is considering.

  9. How is Christie polling at 7.1% but Rubio is polling at 4.8% in national polling for the Republican primary when every recent poll shows christie with under 2% of the vote and rubio hovering around 8%

  10. Chrisite should be polling aroubd 4-5% in the 2016 scenario. Most national polls show him around those numbers, and if he polls higher, it is not by much.

  11. I’ve randomly started having a problem where the yellow travel lines won’t go away after a turn. I just started noticing it a couple months into the primaries.

  12. Just did a space-bar election with all the “on” candidates, and me as a dormant Green Party. Christie defeated Clinton with more than 60% of the vote…

  13. @Jeff

    Yeah, Republicans always win. I did a general election spacebarring as Green. and Trump/Palin destroyed Clinton/Castro, despite Dems winning every Debate in landslides. Anthony says that the favorability thing he’s implementing will fix this. However, I think it has to be more than just that. The parties are just not balanced. I also did a simulation with Clinton and Trump as the only candidates in the Primary (except for the Green Party). Republicans still win in a landslide, even without Clinton getting attacked by everyone.

    I have not simulated a Democratic victory in a couple of months or so. The game is a lot of fun, but it definitely loses a lot if only one party wins, unless you play as the usually losing party. I’m hoping this gets fixed in the next update.

  14. I can’t get past 4 or 5 turns playing 7-day. I always get a List index out of bounds (1) error when scheduling the candidate to do activities.

  15. I went through as green party hit space bar throughout the primaries with everyone on in the Republican Party and the Democratic party and Biden won on the democratic side, Walker on the Republican side and Biden won…

  16. Just little odd note, the 270soft splash logo appears in the middle of two monitors (i.e. half on both) when you start up.

    Actual game is fine though and appears in the middle of the primary monitor.

  17. I just played as Donald Trump and I guess it’s a glitch idk, but when I am campaigning it keeps sending me to Iowa no matter where I am, it shows that I am travelling to Iowa even though I haven’t set Iowa as a campaign location, etc.

  18. @kevin

    Ok I’ll try to replicated Democratic win. It’s been at least 10 straight Rep wins on my end. But I’ve only done 2 sims with this update, both landslide Rep victories.

  19. @kevin

    Just did a 3rd sim with all the ON candidate with me as Green, starting in July.
    Trump won 57.8% with 346 EVs. Clinton 41% and 192 EVs

    Dems never led in EVs. On two occasions there was a projected 269-269 tie, despite Reps winning by 8% and 11% in the polls.

    In the general election, Trump won CA by 58.7%, WA 68.3%, TX 87.6%, MN 88%, OK 94.6%, NV 90%, CO 78.9%, AR 80.6%, AL 90.7%, TN 83.2%, MA 70.6%, VT 71.8%, NH 66%.

    Dems only had two unrealistic victories: 69.3% MI and 70.2% PA

    This result is similar to the last two simulations. I never see the Dems show up to vote in many of the states.

  20. Just Spacebarred through some elections with my ‘Observation Party’ which has 0% nationally 20 times. 2 times it was Jeb Bush/Kelly Ayotte (Default R Pair) vs. Hillary Clinton/Mark Warner (Default D Pair). 10 times was Clinton/Warner vs. Trump/Bachmann (Weakest R Pair IMO). 6 times it was Sanders/Warren vs. Walker/Kasich (Weakest v. Strongest IMO). 1 time was Cuomo/Emanuel vs. Carson/Cruz and last one I did was Huntsman/Thune vs. Emanuel/Manchin (I played with my scenario a bit) 19/20 times the Democrats lost, and most of the time by large margins. In my Cuomo v. Carson game, Carson took IL and NY while OK flipped blue! Strange stuff, hopefully favorability is fixed soon.

  21. Just spacebar through as green party receiving 2.2% of the National vote despite me doing nothing. Bush won GOP Primary and Clinton won DEM Primary. Bush chose Christie for VP, Clinton chose Kerry. Bush/Christie finished with 59.9% of the vote while Clinton/Kerry finished with 37.9%. Clinton/Kerry won Rhode Island, New Jersey, DC, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Montana, Washington, California, and Hawaii. Final Electoral = Bush/Christie-399 Clinton/Kerry-139. Very unrealistic especially when states like MASS vote 89% for Bush.

  22. I’m playing a really long primary and I got a news story that a candidate released an attack ad on another candidate that dropped out over a month ago. Seems like a bug.

  23. I have a real problem with states that are not swing states being swing states in this game. Oregon, Washington, Minnesota? Come on! Reliably blue states should be reliably blue unless there is an extremely liberal Republican in the game. And um, there isn’t.

  24. ^^^YES to Andres comment. If we are having a 7 day turn, the ads should run for 7 days right? In a close election, those two days that ads are not running could be the difference.

  25. I think the problem everyone has with the general election is that Hillary starts out with a tiny lead (or even behind) and gets clobbered by negative momentum from the jump. The damage from the primaries impacts the general election numbers, too. I routinely see the GOP at 55-60% in FL by the second or third poll.
    Maybe until favorability is implemented, there could be a damper put on the effects of negative primary momentum on the general. Most general election voters aren’t paying attention then.

  26. Another possible improvement for 7 day turn would be for the +/- from the most recent poll to be on the map (if you’ve checked that box) for the previous turn. As is, unless your turns start on the day polls are published you never see the changes on the map.

  27. Odd that you guys are spacebaring to GOP landslides.

    I cant win as a Republican candidate if my life depended on it. Granted, I haven’t given 2.05 a shot yet. Always seems like no matter what I do in the general, no matter how I address momentum swings or ad buys, states will just randomly rise and fall and it’s all beyond my control.

    Anyone have any advice?

  28. Also, not to pile on with the suggested updates, but is there a way to have something similar to a “Simplified 7 Day Turn?” The 7 day turn seems like it’s very helpful, but it’s just 7 days of CPs stacked into one turn. I love this game, but it can get incredibly grueling. Would be great if there was a shorter version with 7 day turns and still only 10-15 CPs per candidate to be spent during each one.

  29. @Eric re %s, I’ll look at it. However, Favorability is the next feature up, so it should be implemented soon.

  30. @Les,

    %s will be updated with Favorability feature update – thanks for this feedback.

  31. @Bubbles,

    Thanks for this – voter movement will be looked at carefully with Favorability feature.

  32. Okay so i played threw the republican primaries(as Rand Paul) it came down to the final week i was in the lead with 867 votes while jeb bush had 822 EV but i ended up losing a messaged popped up saying final results Jeb bush 1100 rand oaul 980 and i lost why is this? btw this is acorse neither of us had a majority EV

  33. also i think there should of been an option to play as jeb bush and choose a VP candidate

  34. @Libertarian,

    Re option to continue playing as whoever won, thanks for this. This is on the to-do list.

    Re not winning even though neither had a majority, the convention feature is pretty simple right now. So, the computer just takes whoever has the most, assuming they manage to win over enough to get a majority. This will be modified once the conventions feature is done, which is up after Favorability.

  35. @Benjamin L re updates for PMI – UK, they are coming. The last while has been focused on a major feature (7 days per turn), that will be carried over to the UK version as well. Should have another major update for PMI – UK within the next couple of months.

  36. @Andy,

    Thank you for this feedback – it is noted. I will attempt to recreate and then fix this bug.

  37. @Jeff re candidates not running ads,

    Thank you for this, I will attempt to recreate it and then fix this.

  38. @Falcon re Gilmore and Ehrlich,

    Maybe – if one of them starts to gain traction, then yes.

  39. Would you consider adding Mark Everson? He is a huge fringe candidate but it would be AWESOME to play as him.

  40. Are you going to change the polls for Republicans? A lot of new polls have been released since the last update.

  41. Anthony:

    I played as Trump in the primaries and I got very unrealistic results:

    – 0% in Iowa, NH, South Carolina, NV. Although I won the nomination winning almost all states after the the ones mentioned.
    – On General Election: without doing anything, and changing my platform several times to make Clinton more competitive, the final tally was: Trump 47,2%(246 EV), Clinton 45,3%(292 EV) Johnson 4%, Stein 3,6%.

    Try to fix this.

  42. Another weird one:

    Clinton/Klobuchar: 50.9%, 263
    Trump/Bachmann: 49.1%, 275

    And this was on easy while I was playing as Clinton.

    Some of the strange results:

    Trump won NV (a ton of hispanics there) 55.8%-44.2%
    Trump won AZ (same thing with the hispanics) 54.1%-45.9%
    Trump won WI 51.9%-48.1%
    Trump won Ohio 51.4%-48.6%
    Trump won FL 52.7%-47.3%
    Trump won OH 51.4%-48.6%

    With those results (while they are far from realistic in and of themselves) one would expect Trump to win NH, VA and CO. He would also win GA by more than only 8% and SC by more than 1%.

    This is why I am really excited for the upcoming favorability feature.

    That all being said, can you imagine how entertaining a Trump/Clinton debate and a Bachmann/Klobuchar debate would be?

  43. Yeah, it would be great if certain candidates couldn’t win certain states. For instance, Cruz would never win Massachusetts.

    I really want each candidate to have a different general election map. Trump and Cruz, who lose by like 17 points in general election polls would have a near impossible time avoiding a landslide defeat.

    Maybe if certain candidates are selected then a certain amount of their voters switch back to undecided. Say, if 95% of Republican supporters have a candidate in mind with Bush and Cruz in the race, and then Cruz wins nomination, all of Bush’s supporters become undecided, potentially not voting or supporting a Democrat if Cruz is so unfavorable.

  44. @jonathan

    Like, no question, it should be really hard for Cruz to win Mass, but I wouldn’t want to make it literally impossible. That takes away any realignment style elections (not that I anticipate Cruz to create some New England coalition for the GOP) that, even if near impossible, should be at least be remotely possible for the sake of the game.

    I’ve thought about maybe making better use of the general election percentages, or instituting negative general election ‘bonuses’ for Trump, Cruz, and the like. Alternatively, either having issue centers, or better yet, voter demographics (either race, gender, or income, or maybe all three) could better reflect the electorate. Obviously all of these ideas would take a great deal of work, and should not suggest that I’m not looking forward to the new favorability system.

  45. @Jonah

    Good ideas.


    I don’t know if any one has mentioned this, but some of the photos should be updated for 2016, I think. Such as the images for Jeb Bush, Huckabee, Christie and Perry for Reps and Clinton and Biden for Dems.

  46. I have a bug to report.

    I was playing through the Custom 2012 – Special Edition campaign mode as Haley Barbour.

    I got almost all the way through the primaries and almost clinched the nomination, but as I went to create a surrogate, I got an error that read something like, “cannot locate value.” It’s an error I’ve gotten before while in the campaign editor menu itself. Thinking it was just a bug, I saved my game to try and restart.

    When I loaded my saved game, nothing happens. A map doesn’t pull up, and the main screen is frozen. I tried starting a new game on one of the official campaigns–it worked. Then I tried to load the save from there. The map changed to my old campaign, but it was completely frozen.

  47. It would be nice if there were percentages based on candidates. So, if Trump wins for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton wins for the Democrats, the Democrats would have a huge advantage (my home state of Kentucky is polling at +3% for Clinton). But, if Bernie Sanders wins the Democrat nomination, the Republicans would have a big advantage.

  48. Cruz campaign recently released that the campaign had received donations from 48% of zip codes across the US. Could this increase his ground statistic in the game?

  49. I’ve never seen Hillary win the Iowa Caucus, in every game I play as the GOP she always loses with O’Malley getting like 80%, I think it’s cause Hillary starts off so high she always falls.

    I had another weird game-O’Malley won Iowa, NH and South Carolina, and went on to beat Clinton by a whisker. I won the primary as Cruz and went on to landslide O’Malley. Got 57% with Cruz/Walker winning New York, Minnesota, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts and lost CA by 10,000 votes.

  50. @Anthony – I’ve noticed (and I know you’ve taken note of this) that the game consistently calls the election wrong. Often the game calls the election before the western states come in…but then those results swing the election the other way. Despite in reality the media calling the election before results come in, I kind of liked how the election was called at the end of the night in President Forever 2016.

    Also, possibly consider a feature where you can jump from party primary –> independent run for President. Might be interesting.

  51. @Jonathan re Pataki and Chafee,

    No decision yet. My guess is they won’t be in the next one.

  52. @Tyler re error in custom campaign,

    I have noted this, and will attempt to recreate it. It’s tricky because it’s a custom campaign. If you send me a compressed (zipped) version of the campaign by e-mail ( ), I can look at it.

  53. @Jonathan, “Cruz would never win Massachusetts”

    I don’t think Cruz will win Mass. if he’s the nominee. I think it would be very difficult for him to win Mass. Having said that, part of the appeal of the gaming is this being a possibility that a (very good) player could achieve.

    The problem here is these results are happening with some regularity. This will be looked at very closely once Favorability is implemented.

  54. @Lucas re July 29th Sanders event,

    Thanks for this info – not sure how to model that.

  55. I get a list out of bounds error that shuts down the game whenever I schedule events. It is at the point where I am literally having to save the game after every single scheduled event so that I do not lose my place.

    Is there something that should be done or are there plans to fix this with the next update?

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