Upcoming President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.0.5

Hi everyone,

This post will keep track of changes to the upcoming version of President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.0.5, and includes an estimated release date for it (as with any estimate, this can change).

This update will focus on bug fixes. If you are experiencing a bug in President Infinity, please post a description of it here, including a) what message you receive (if any), b) when or where it occurs, c) how to reliably generate the bug (if applicable).

Est. release date: Saturday, July 11th.

Changes so far (this list will be updated as changes are implemented on this side, these changes will not be available until the version is released):

  • loading game > fixed ‘date time’ bug
  • Surrogates > automated > fixed bug where would not campaign
  • 1 day per turn mode > increasing Org. Strength now takes 2 CPs just on the first turn
  • 7 days per turn mode > ads run every day, instead of just first day
  • Ads Screen > modified how information displayed
  • Fixed bug where players could select Veep candidates who shouldn’t be available
  • Changed code for ad CP calculation, which might fix bug reported with ads continuing to cost CPs even though created
  • Fixed bug where momentum not decreasing quickly enough, leading to lopsided %s
  • Main Map > 2016, 2012, 2008, 1968, 1912 > GA, AR > moved state abbrev. right
  • 2016 > added Mr. Donald Trump

36 thoughts on “Upcoming President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.0.5”

  1. Once I get past Iowa, win or lose, no matter who I play as, saving my game is a bit of a crapshoot.

  2. Hey Anthony,
    I’m so sorry to annoy you but did you recieve my E-Mail?
    Didn’t get any respond 🙁


  3. loading game > fixed ‘date time’ bug.
    Surrogates > automated > fixed bug where would not campaign.

  4. Playing as Clinton, all three games while in 7 day mode, Republicans always end up leading in New York, Massachusettes, etc by the second month of the campaign. It feels like while in 7 day mode, you loose a lot of ground. Like when I clinched the nomination in the last game as Clinton, the Dems were down to a low single digit lead in California and losing Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Minnesota, etc. That just seems far and away out of the realm of possibilities. Not sure what the problem exactly is though that is causing this. Anyone else having the same or similar problems?

  5. Ok thanks! 🙂
    I do not like this too, but your games are just so awesome! Especially for a political nerd like me.

  6. 1 day per turn mode > increasing Org. Strength now takes 2 CPs just on the first turn.

  7. @Anthony

    I think you might need to make voters more committed, because both times I simulated through an election, spacebaring as the Green Party, Republicans have gained landslides within a couple of months and maintain 10 to 20% leads throughout the election.

    In this latest simulation, starting in July 15, Christie wins the election over O’Malley, with 404 EVs to 134. Christie got 58.7% of the popular vote, O’Malley with 40.3%. I exported the results if it would help for me to send them to you. I should note that this is after I strengthened Clinton’s percentages in states like WI, OH, FL, etc, to reflect what I posted in the SC forum. She starts with about a projected 300 EVs and loses it rapidly within a month. One of the seven-day turns, for whatever reason, shot Reps from a projected 200 EVs to 286. Also, I should note that I did not change voter commitment.

    Here are some of the state results, which seem to be impossible, and which may explain some of the problems that give Republicans a major advantage in the game:
    MT 86.6% Rep
    CO 87.1% Rep
    NV 97.5% Rep
    TX 95% Rep
    OK 82.6% Rep
    NE 88.3% Rep
    AR 94.8% Rep
    WI 71.7% Rep
    AL 98.7% Rep
    DE 83.3% Rep
    MA 85% Rep

    It’s like they had major Jim Crow laws for any registered Democrat. All other states were somewhat competitive or close to realistic numbers.

    It should be noted that in the election, for several months, Reps had 56% in the polls with Dems at 30%. Some states had Reps with 48% in the polls with Dems at 18% mid-election.

  8. Spacebarred a game. John Kasich won the Republican nomination…and chose Kirby as his VP. I double checked in “campaign editor” and Kirby shouldn’t be a VP option for Kasich (or any Republican).

  9. @Ted,

    This is a bug – it also happens with Biden for Dems, where he isn’t on the VP list for the other candidates. Thanks for this – should be fixed with next release.

  10. Is it a bug that radio and newspaper ads continue to cost 1 command point per turn for “ad creation” even once they are already created? TV ads to not appear to have this behavior and it seems new to this game. Even when the ads are done running they will continue to cost a command point until I manually delete them.

  11. Note for ad bug posted above it appears to be happening for Jeb, but not necessarily for all candidates.

  12. Fixed bug where players could select Veep candidates who shouldn’t be available.

  13. Any time table on convention balloting working? It’s kinda lame in the old scenarios when somebody wins 178-176 at a convention with 1000+ delegates.

  14. You might want to tweak percentages a bit. I have a game starting from July 15; by the first debate, all the Republicans had cleared 3%. If I’m remembering right, they all start above 2%.

  15. @Eric,

    The debates will feature a top-n feature, where n is a number above 2. It will probably be added with the update after the next.

  16. Glad to see Donald in the next update. If everything goes well, the update could be released this Saturday! Always fun to test new candidates. I have enjoyed playing with the new 7-day per turn feature; very fun and makes the game more playable. With all of that said, I really hope this update is not delayed simply to test Donald Trump! No pressure Anthony 🙂 keep up the good work!

  17. Changed code for ad CP calculation, which might fix bug reported with ads continuing to cost CPs even though created.
    Main Map > 2016, 2012, 2008, 1968, 1912 > GA, AR > moved state abbrev. right.

  18. When doing a game with no announced candidates, Jeb and Rand were the only to in the GOP to announce. Rand had his own polling in Iowa and his polling was at 4 level.

    The day of Iowa, Rand was in the lead with 25 percent of the vote, Jeb had 5 and the other undeclared candidates had the remaining 70 percent.

    Jeb won the caucus taking 65 percent of that remaining 70 percent.

    Is there a bug within there? That just isnt realistic, I wouldn’t think.

  19. @Josh,

    Thanks for this feedback – noted. I can’t say if it’s unrealistic or not, because the game is looking at people’s first preferences among undecided (or whatever) candidates. What should be done is that the game switches to poll results only for candidates who are officially in the race at some point before a primary.

  20. @Benji,

    Conventions is a major feature on the to-do list. It will probably be started after the Favorability feature is implemented.

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