2004, Updated 2020, 1872

New user-designed campaigns that have been released this week include

United States – 2004 Beta for President Infinity (Windows or Mac)

Updated United States – 2020 for President Infinity (Windows or Mac)

United States – 1872 for President Infinity (Windows or Mac)

Note that these are user-designed campaigns, not official ones.Good gaming!

8 thoughts on “2004, Updated 2020, 1872”

  1. Not sure where to post this, so sorry Anthony if this is too off topic.

    For anyone who has made scenarios, a question about the editor: I’ve been trying to create events for a scenario I’m building. Back with P4E 2012/2016, I was able to make events through notpad on the events file. Now, however, when I make events for President Infinity, they never transpire. Has anyone else had this experience? And does anyone know how to make events? Thanks!

  2. How do I get the 2020 election to download onto a Mac? I download it but don’t know where to go from there! Thanks!

  3. @Kevin,

    Once you download it, move the folder to your user campaigns folder. To find out where that is, open President Infinity, Campaign Editor, select a campaign to edit. On the main Campaign Editor screen, it will show the path for the campaign you are editing. This path (minus the campaign specific folder) is where you want to move the downloaded folder.

  4. Ok. I’m still confused. Ive downloaded the campaign, I’ve opened PI, selected 2016 campaign to edit. I see the path but how do I move the downloaded folder there??

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