The Year Past and the Year Ahead

We had some big milestones in the past year.

1. We released our first cross-platform app, President Infinity, for Mac and Windows. Behind this was a big shift to new core technologies to power the games.

2. We had our first simultaneous Windows-Mac update release, instead of the usual staggering of releases between different OSes.

3. We released Congress Infinity, the sequel to Congress Forever.

4. We have a unified game engine powering President Infinity, Congress Infinity, and (soon) Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. This means new features added to any one game are more easily ported to the others.

5. A lot of work refactoring the code, to clear the way for future enhancements.

For the year ahead, our focus is simple – President Infinity, Congress Infinity, and Prime Minister Infinity – U.K.

Thanks everyone for your feedback over the last year!

31 thoughts on “The Year Past and the Year Ahead”

  1. Good stuff Anthony. Keep up the good work. What sets these games apart from others is detail and how easy it is to make one’s own scenarios. I can’t make maps but other than that it’s easy. Point, click and type is, I think, the only way to go for those of us who can’t code.

  2. @SANC,

    Thanks for this feedback – the plan is to continue to expand the Campaign Editor in the months to come.

  3. I hope this is the year many innovate features , voted on and suggested by the Steering Council, will make its way into President and Congress Infinity. 7-day per turn option, favorability system, Michele Bachmann implemented… A finished 2012 presidential and primary scenario etc. And a robust primary option for Congress Infinity including options to fund and back candidates during the primaries before heading to the general election.

  4. The things I’d most like to see are:
    1) Conventions fixed so deadlocked conventions turn into battles
    2) Editor to omit or add states
    3) Editor to create/delete events
    4) 2000, 2004, 1992, 1980 scenarios.
    5) Scenarios I’m creating 1788-1956 added as Betas (hopefully)

    Overall, I think the game play is very good. I’m more interested in making the editor better/more complete.

  5. @Dallas,

    I noticed you slipped Bachmann into the list of features voted for by the SC. 😉 I’ll probably go ahead and add her to 2016, since it seems there’s some demand for it.

    The big thing in your list that may or may not happen is a primaries system in CI. We’ll see.

  6. @anthony I forgot to mention implementing Michele Bachmann is a personal request I have asked for some time now, oops. Like Johnathan mentioned, the gameplay is very good! Are you planning yo change/update the icons (x to closet the game, fundraising icon,etc.) To match the new engine/UI changes?

  7. I think it would be awesome if you had governor races. Like arkansas 2014. For gubernatorial years, you should have 2014,2013,2012,2011 2010, 2009 2008-1994. At least try to consider 4-5, I would say. You’ve done house, senate and president, and I think a lot of people would like governor’s races. Also for senate, for sure get 2010, 2012, 2008 and 2006. But get 2002 or 2004 or 1994

  8. Also, can you have more detailed run off races? And you should have a selection of candidates for races.

  9. @Mr. Awesome,

    Thanks for the suggestions. For Governor races, we’ll see. There might be some in 2016. I’ve noted your feedback about run-off races.

  10. I think you should develop senate/house/gubernatorial debates.
    You should have countries when you click in. Counties the candidate can visit this would make the he game more advanced. You should actually show the districts and zoom in if its in large cities. And what engine/ machine do you use to make the game?
    When you do gubernatorial and congress 2012 for Mac, can you include it has an update for congress 2016? And also can you make sure 2010 and 2008 is available?
    For governors races, you shoul definatly have 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2012. My final thing is for senate 2016. Can you really try and research/find out candidates for every state?

  11. I mean counties when you click in, how governor/senate had counties, it really makes the game more advanced. You should outline major cities. You know where you want to visit

  12. @Mr. Awesome,

    Thank you for this feedback – counties would certainly make the game more detailed and nuanced, but it would also require a large amount of work and I am guessing be something a large number of users would find too much. The feedback is noted, though – thanks again.

  13. Maybe my question will be surprising, but have you ever think about create a game on french presidential elections? For example it could be for France 2017? To me it would be great!

  14. @Rophil,

    Once the Campaign Editor is full featured, hopefully those who are interested in these sorts of campaigns will be able to collaborate to create them. On this end, it’s really just a matter of time being available.


    Same with a Taoiseach game!

  15. @Mr. Awesome,

    Yes, those will all be released for Mac and Windows. I don’t have an ETA for when as of yet, though.

  16. Republican candidates i would like to see in 1992

    Vice President
    George H.W. Bush
    of Texas
    Senate Minority Leader
    Bob Dole
    of Kansas
    Pat Robertson
    of Virginia
    U.S. Congressman
    Jack Kemp
    of New York
    Former Governor
    Pierre S. du Pont, IV
    of Delaware
    Former Secretary of State
    Alexander Haig
    of Virginia
    Former U.S. Senator
    Paul Laxalt
    of Nevada
    Former Governor
    Harold E. Stassen
    of Minnesota
    U.S. Senator
    William L. Armstrong
    of Colorado
    Former U.S. Senator
    Howard Baker
    of Tennessee
    Former Pres. Adviser
    Pat Buchanan
    of Virginia
    Tom Kean
    of New Jersey
    Former UN Ambassador
    Jeane Kirkpatrick
    of Oklahoma
    Former Defense Secretary
    Donald Rumsfeld
    of Illinois
    Donald Trump
    of New York
    Dan Quayle
    Lamar Alexander, former Governor of Tennessee
    William Armstrong, U.S. Senator from Colorado
    Howard Baker, former U.S. Senator from Tennessee
    Richard Cheney, U.S. Representative from Wyoming
    George Deukmejian, Governor of California
    Bob Dole, U.S. Senator from Kansas
    Elizabeth Dole, former Transportation Secretary of North Carolina
    Nancy Kassebaum, U.S. Senator from Kansas
    Jack Kemp, U.S. Representative from New York
    Tom Kean, Governor of New Jersey
    Jeane Kirkpatrick, former UN Ambassador from Oklahoma
    Lynn Martin, U.S. Representative from Illinois
    Jim McClure, U.S. Senator from Idaho
    Sandra Day O’Connor, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from Arizona
    Kay Orr, Governor of Nebraska
    Alan Simpson, U.S. Senator from Wyoming
    John Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire
    Jim Thompson, Governor of Illinois

  17. As far as future scenarios go I wouldn’t mind a 1988 scenario. It has always been a highly underrated and overlooked election by scenario designers imo, perhaps due to the general election having two uninspiring candidates and a fairly lopsided electoral vote. But the primaries had the likes of Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, Paul Simon, Jack Kemp, Donald Rumsfeld, Jim “Beam Me Up” Traficant and other interesting characters. It was also the subject of a big book by the name of “What It Takes: The Way to the White House”, arguably the best book ever written on presidential politics. In hindsight, it’s a shame that Dukakis and Bush made it through the primaries instead of Simon and Robertson, or Jackson and Rumsfeld…would have been an election battle for the ages.

  18. 1988 election is the earliest one I remember. My entire 3rd grade class “voted” for Bush, except for myself and a friend. We had to place a star sticker next to the person who we wanted to win. Bush had about 15 red stickers and Dukakis had 2 blue stickers.

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