7 thoughts on “2016 Senate Seats up for Election by Party”

  1. Also Democratic turnout is always terrible in midterm elections.

    8% of registered Republicans said they’d vote for Hillary Clinton over the Republican options, according to the National Exit Poll for the midterm election. That’s a pretty huge crossover.

    I blame the non-voters as much as I blame the Democratic campaigns for this defeat. Basically, not voting in the midterm is voting for a Republican.

  2. The party the President is a member of nearly always loses seats in the midterms, it’s almost like a curse or something.

  3. @Jonathan as much as I want Hillary to be president and believe she will be. most elections close to 10% of each party votes for the other party. Some democrats are conservative and some republicans are liberal.

  4. @Jonathan,

    Good point – the Presidential scenario as it is now also seems to favor Dems going into the 2016 Congressional elections.

  5. I wouldn’t agree. Republicans will most likely hold onto the house until the next redistricting process (Democrats need to take control of more state legislatures if they want to turn the map around), and when you analyze each seat up in 2016, it will likely be a wash.

    Republicans will hold Congress for the near future.

  6. @Jonathan- an 8% crossover is actually not that impressive its actually pretty standard. Bush got 11% of Democrats to cross over from Kerry and won by 2.4% (50.7 to 48.3). http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/pages/results/states/US/P/00/epolls.0.html, Kerry got 6% of Republicans that year. McCain won 10% of Democrats didn’t help him much, Independents are were it counts 7-10% cross over is standard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_2008

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