Congress Infinity – Version Amundsen – Test Release – 1.7.6

Congress Infinity v. Amundsen – Test Release – 1.7.6 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a Congress Infinity owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This update significantly decreases Targeting and Org. Strength costs in the House 2014 campaign, fixes a bug on load of saved games from the House 2014 campaign, fixes a bug on Windows with playing .wav files for certain users, makes it so that surrogates no longer attack a player in a region where that player isn’t on the ballot, and adds to the Turn Summary the results of successful barnstorming from opponent’s surrogates.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. There will probably be various bugs in this release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “windows congress infinity” or “mac congress infinity” link.

If for some reason there is no “windows congress infinity” or “mac congress infinity” link in your e-mail and you are a Congress Infinity owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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2 thoughts on “Congress Infinity – Version Amundsen – Test Release – 1.7.6”

  1. Two things

    1. There must be a better way to target districts in the House campaign then targeting it and using 2 CP’s. It’s tedious to click every district for every new campaign ad, and targeting takes too long and there’s not enough CP’s. Maybe have a button where you can watch the district and doesn’t take CP’s.

    2. On election night there should be a ( R ) and ( D ) next to each candidates name. For most of these races I don’t know which candidate is from my party.

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