Vote Result for May 8th, 2014

The winner of the May 8th SC vote was …

1992 {H. W. Bush vs. Clinton vs. Perot}

delivering a crushing victory with 73% of the vote against 1980 on the 4th round!

(Perhaps 1980 will lick its wounds for a comeback in another vote?)

Voter turnout was 24-20-17-22 (first-second-third-fourth rounds).

You can see a list of upcoming features voted on by the SC to be implemented for President Forever 2016 here (scroll down to ‘What’s coming up next?’).

Now for the sixth SC vote of 2014.

This vote will be limited to marquee 2014 campaigns (scenarios) (h/t to Tayya for the idea).

Campaigns should be for the U.S., and can be Gubernatorial, individual Senatorial, individual Congressional, or Mayoral, and should be happening in the fall.

If you want to participate in the vote, you must be a member of the SC (Steering Council).

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