President Forever 2016 for Mac Progress Update

Hi everyone,

President Forever 2016 for Mac is almost completed. What you can expect:

Fairly soon, the first Mac Beta will be released. We cannot give an exact date at this point, but it is close.

If you are a Kickstarter backer with a reward of President Forever 2016 for Mac, then you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the Beta once it is released.

If you have an extra reward such as being included in the official 2016 scenario as a candidate, endorser, and so on, that will be added between when the Beta for Mac is released and when the official version is released.

Once any remaining bugs are ironed out, President Forever 2016 for Mac will be released officially.

If you’re a Kickstarter backer like above, then you will again receive an e-mail with a link to download the official release.

You’ll also receive an e-mail if you’re on the Mac Sign-up list.

After that, Mac and Windows development will continue in tandem right up to 2016.

For people who aren’t Kickstarter backers, initially the Mac version will be available for purchase from our web-site.

After that, we will look into making it available through the Mac store.

Thanks everyone for your interest!

31 thoughts on “President Forever 2016 for Mac Progress Update”

  1. So excited!!!

    When this is done does that mean you will be able to look at PE20xx for iOS? Does it also mean that non US games [the Australian one is my favourite but I hate having to use partner’s PC to play it] might also come to the Mac?

  2. @Leopold

    I don’t get why people would want this game on their phone, it seems to way to complex too play on a phone.

  3. Hi Tom

    I meant on the iPad which I think would be perfect for this game – agree entirely that playing on iPhone would be silly…

  4. @Leopold,

    After Mac and Windows, iOS and Android tablets are probably the next step, but we’ll see.

    Going forward, new games should be released to both platforms. Australia might be released for Mac, we’ll see.

  5. This is exciting. But I’m wondering: I have a PC partition on my Mac, mostly for this game. If the Mac version becomes available, do I have to buy it like a new game, or would we be able to request for a download link–like an update?


  6. @Bob,

    Windows and Mac licenses are separate for P4E16. However, we will probably offer a discount comparable to the Kickstarter price for people who have the Windows version when the Mac version is released. Hope this helps.

  7. @Anthony great news! Thanks for the update. Do you have any information to share regarding the early-access the council receives for C4E14?

  8. @Elijah,

    Not this week. My best guess at this point is sometime in the next two weeks for the Mac Beta.

  9. @Chris,

    What Will said – the licenses for Windows and Mac for President Forever 2016 are separate.

  10. Once the Mac version is released, it probably will be available for Windows owners who want a Mac license at a discount comparable to the Kickstarter Mac price.

  11. @Dallas re C4E14 and Steering Council,

    No update on that right now – C4E14 Beta release target is still first half of 2014, and Steering Council members will receive it significantly before anyone else.

  12. @anthony_270admin What am I getting different though besides the ability to play it on OS X? Forcing customers to purchase a license for both OS X and Windows seems like a money grab to me since we already own the game 🙁

  13. @Chris,

    Thanks for this – there are significant development costs to make a Mac version, which is why we’ve decided to go with separate licenses.

  14. @Anthony: Do you plan to allow supports/users to donate money (anytime) to development costs, features, etc..? Maybe another page on this website that allows this?

  15. @ Anthony thank you for finally doing it and listening to your fans on Mac.. I couldn’t be more happy!

  16. @Dallas,

    This is a good idea – I’ll look into setting up a page and allowing for people to donate, including for specific features and so on.

  17. It’s close, but at this point I can only say it will be done when it’s done – there are technical issues where the time it will take can’t be known until we get to them.

  18. @anthony: If you were a betting man and had to give a ballpark number that absolutely nobody could hold you to when are we talking?

  19. @Elijah,

    No predictions – it’s close, that’s all I can say at this point. There are technical issues which will take an unknown amount of time.

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