Congress Infinity Announced!

Congress Infinity

Congress Infinity is here! Congress Infinity, the sequel to our groundbreaking House and Senate election sim, features the latest game engine, improved game play, new GUI elements, and will include historical campaigns from 1990 – 2014 (House and Senate), a full Campaign Editor (to modify campaigns or create your own), and more!

You can now order the game and receive the latest test release immediately, and then the full release once it is released.

Congress Infinity is available for Windows and Mac (OS X 10.8 and above).

Windows here.

Mac here.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for supporting these sorts of games!

17 thoughts on “Congress Infinity Announced!”

  1. Hey Anthony!

    I think you should maybe post this as an update on the kickstarter page too. Maybe we get more backers if they know that there’s a second game in the pack for their money.

    Also: Can you do addons on kickstarter? I want to be on the steering council and have a few extra copies of the game to give to friends. But the 150$ tier with 9 copies is too much for my taste. Maybe you could give the option of one additional copy per 15$ over the reward amount or something like that?

    Let’s bring this campaign to a successful finish!
    All the best,

  2. @Michael,

    Thanks for this feedback – it would be nice if Kickstarter allowed for add-ons for upgrade options. We could do this manually, with a note on the main screen about how it works. I’ll think about this.

  3. @Michael,

    Kickstarter project updated to include Congress Forever 2014. Thanks for this suggestion.

    I’ll also add a note about extra copies.

    Re: AMA on Reddit, I’ll take a look – thanks.

  4. I really enjoy the Congress Forever 2010/2012 simulator. Congress Election Game blows other Congressional and Senatorial games on the market out of the water, and you can bet this upcoming sim will be better! Please add Sarah Palin as one of the potential Republican candidates in the Senate Election that will occur in Alaska, if you plan to add a primary option that allows 3-4, or how many candidates running for the party’s nomination, compete against each other.

  5. @Dallas,

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, having multiple possibilities would be interesting and fun – we’ll see.

  6. I’d like to see this game somehow tied into President forever somehow. Perhaps you can start out as a Congressional hopeful in 1990 and work your way to the Senate and then the presidency.

  7. Will Congress 2014 feature actual candidates? Will it includes the congressional elections of the past (like 2010 & 2012)? Can it include minor candidates as well?

  8. @Ken,

    Yes, Congress Forever 2014 will feature actual candidates. Once completed, it should have all House and Senate elections 1990-2014. No decision yet on minor candidates.

  9. I really enjoyed the past version of Congress Forever. Can you tell me specifically what will be new (besides a 2014 scenario and game engine). Because besides the scenario I don’t see why I would have to purchase the same game again.

  10. @Craig,

    If you already have 2010-12, then the biggest draws I can state at this point are all scenarios from 1990-2014 and a full Campaign Editor. There will also be many game play changes and enhancements, and those will be announced in the coming several months.

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