President Forever 2016 for Mac 1/4 of the way there!

We’re now passed the 1/4 way mark in the President Forever 2016 for Mac Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you to everyone who has backed the campaign so far!

If you are considering supporting and haven’t already, now’s the time! We are off to a good start, and have 2.5 weeks to go, but we need your help to keep up the momentum!

There are a bunch of different rewards (including many that are relevant for Windows), so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

How Kickstarter works: If the target is met, the project is a go. If the target isn’t met, backers get pledged funds back, and the project isn’t a go.

Let’s do this! Click the Kickstarter link above and let’s make a P4E16 for Mac happen!

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