Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.5.2

President Forever 2016 v. 1.5.2 has been released! It adds a new Endorsers GUI, many new endorsers for 2016, a new candidate Ben Carson (second in the Presidential poll at the Values Voter Summit), adds several surrogates, fixes several bugs, and more.

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16 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.5.2”

  1. Great update. Noticed these, though.

    1) GHW Bush is still a surrogate.

    2) I am doing a primary with Ted Cruz unopposed. I’m space-barring through the primary to find this glitch that gives the REP Party a huge boost. I did not do anything with Cruz, no campaigning. Clinton was winning with a projected 400 EVs, but around Jan 3rd-7th, the poll flipped with Cruz at 426 to 87 EVs. Again, I am only hitting the space bar with Cruz. It took until Feb 28th for Clinton to regain the lead, despite my only pushing the space bar. I’m not sure why it does this.

  2. 1. Right – I removed him as a Surrogate for Jeb Bush, but he can still be a Surrogate for whoever gets his Endorsement.

    2. I’ll look into this – thanks.

  3. @Anthony
    1. Why would he not automatically endorse his son? I feel he’d either endorse Jeb or not endorse anyone, if Jeb runs. I can’t see him campaigning for Paul Ryan against his son.

    2. Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz were the only people running. Clinton is, for some reason, always hammered with a flurry of major scandals (I don’t know why. You’d think she’s been playing dress up with guantanamo bay prisoners the way she gets hit with scandals in the game). Regardless, it was an abrupt shift. I forgot the exact day. But it went something like, Clinton 450+ EVs. Then the next day: Cruz 426 EVs. This would only happen if she were televised hanging out with terrorist cells or murdered someone openly. I don’t know why she gets hit with these scandals. Benghazi has passed. It will be brought up, but it won’t be any worse, and will most likely be safer, than what Gingrich was going in with in 2012. She has some sort of pre-programmed scandal marathon that occurs in the later months of 2015.

  4. 1. He’s set to Decided for Jeb Bush. It’s because currently the game doesn’t have a setting for an Endorser that is 100 to start.

    2. Clinton had scandals even though there were only you and the computer controller Hillary running? I’ll look into it, thanks for this.

  5. OK I just did it again, this time with Christie and Clinton. It wasn’t scandals, I just assumed it was scandals because she always gets hit with +9 for months anytime I play normally. Christie gets Big Mo and Momentum right before January 4th, even though he is space-barred through the whole month. On Jan 4th he has overtaken Clinton in the polls despite doing nothing. I think it is because he is endorsed by 5 conservative endorsers at the same time, I’m not sure. Clinton, meanwhile, is not endorsed. I think something should be done about this. I can only surmise how huge of a leap he’d have if I was actually making Christie campaign.

    For some reason the leap wasn’t as severe with Christie as with Cruz.

  6. Oh wait, the time with Cruz, I had the Green Party on CPU, forgot about that. Stein might have given Clinton scandals.

    Regardless, you might need to spread out some of the Conservative endorsements prior to Jan 4th.

  7. ” I think it is because he is endorsed by 5 conservative endorsers at the same time”

    Got it – I’ll look into it.

  8. OK, it’s possible to get an endorsement without using CPs or PIPs, which is why you are getting endorsements while spacebarring. This will be changed in the next release.

  9. How do you gain more CP than the 10 you start out with in the demo?
    I think it’s appropriate how people can endorse you even if you don’t spend it.

  10. I think Ted Cruz and Rand Paul should have poor relations, and vice-versa, with the main stream politicians. King should absolutely dislike Cruz and Paul. Some like Rubio or Ryan should like both wings of the party.

  11. Some parts I don’t get:
    I’ll disagree about Ryan having a “strong conservative record”. His actual voting record is barely if at all any more conservative than Boehner’s.
    Benghazi and the rest of Hillary’s enormous baggage accumulated over decades aren’t even mentioned as a negative?
    Cuomo’s gun control executive order might get gun control support in the primary, then mobilize gun rights supporters in a general, to be president they usually pay lip service to gun rights until their 2nd term.

  12. @Jonathan, “I think Ted Cruz and Rand Paul should have poor relations, and vice-versa, with the main stream politicians. King should absolutely dislike Cruz and Paul.”

    King starts the game with Very Bad and Bad relations with Cruz and Paul, respectively.

  13. “This is a very helpful website for candidates and information.”

    It’s an interesting take – I’m wondering what Sabato thinks about Walker which prompts him to put him into the top tier.

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