Want to shape the future of President Forever 2016? Introducing the Steering Council

Interested in shaping the future of P4E16?


The Steering Council decides which significant feature will be added to P4E16, on a monthly basis, from a selection of several possibilities. The possibilities are generated in response to Steering Council feedback before the vote, and also ideas from 270soft.

Each member of the Steering Council has a vote on which significant feature should be worked on next (as well as the ability to discuss and influence other Steering Council members on which feature should be worked on next).

The feature with the most votes will then be started and (hopefully) completed that month. This will occur each month until the election in 2016.

There are a total of 150 spots on the Steering Council, maximum. To secure a spot, support the creation of President Forever 2016, and vote on which feature will be implemented next on President Forever 2016 until the election in 2016, you can sign up here. Spots on the council are $5.

Questions or feedback welcome – we look forward to continuing to expand P4E16!

22 thoughts on “Want to shape the future of President Forever 2016? Introducing the Steering Council”

  1. This kickstarter is for Mac.Is the steerage council for mac users only? Or is this a steerage council for the overall game itself? Do I donate to the Mac kickstarter (even though I don’t have mac) or is there a different kickstarter?

  2. @Jonathan,

    The Steering Council is for the overall game. Once we convert to Mac, there will be one game engine powering both versions. The Kickstarter campaign is the ‘for Mac’ one, but includes the Steering Council rewards. Hope this clarifies things a bit!

  3. Ok thanks. I’ll most likely donate when I get paid in a week. Hopefully, there will still be a council spot by then.

  4. Just backed it! I really enjoy this game, definitely think it’s worth giving more too! Can’t wait for the Steering Council.

  5. @Anthony
    Two q’s: Any idea when the steering council will go live? And what happens if it doesn’t reach it’s funding goal will you be giving us another way to join the council?

  6. @Levi,

    Steering Council will go live after the Kickstarter campaign reaches its target.

    Yes, if it doesn’t reach the target, we will offer another way to join.

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