President Forever 2016 for Mac Kickstarter campaign launched!

Vote President Forever 2016 for Mac!

The Kickstarter campaign is on, and lasts until November 8th, 2013. ‘Vote’ on Kickstarter and help us to bring the definitive election sim to the Mac!


8 thoughts on “President Forever 2016 for Mac Kickstarter campaign launched!”

  1. @Anthony
    I backed President Forever on Kickstarter so I can be on the kickstarter.

    @everyone else
    If you want to dilute my influence on the steerage council you better donate. I might use my influence to make Ted Cruz a 1 in charisma and allow Obama to run for a 3rd term. Just kidding. I want the game the game to be accurate.

  2. How easy would it be to get the project on one of the popular boards on Kickstarter? If the project showed up on one of the main pages of Kickstarter than more people would know about it and therefore pledge more money.

  3. Just a quick question, not that I expect it too fail but will you be offering us an option to pay to join the Steering Council even if it doesn’t reach the goal?

  4. I want this game for Mac so much! I would like to enter a plea to the general public of the website to do anything that they can to get this campaign funded.

  5. @Ethan re: project on popular board on Kickstarter,

    I have no idea. This is something internally controlled by Kickstarter, as far as I know.


    If the campaign doesn’t reach its goal (and so all pledges are returned and the project is a no go), then yes, I’ll look at other ways to start up the Steering Council.

    @Ethan re: e-mails to political groups,

    Absolutely – any ideas in particular?

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