Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 4

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 4 has been released. This increases the candidate editing tool’s functionality, and fixes a bug on some systems with autosave.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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13 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 4”

  1. @Kevin,

    Yes, the candidate editor will include the ability to edit vice-leaders. As well, I’ll probably add a feature to automatically convert a leader to a vice-leader (so a scenario won’t have to have two copies, a leader and a vice-leader, of the same person, just one copy where you can edit any attributes and so on).

  2. I think Paul will have a higher charisma and name recognition after his 13 hour filibuster, as well as Ted Cruz and others who joined in to stand with rand during his filibuster.

  3. I have been trying to add Huckabee to the scenario the candidate editor is flawless until you want to add a picture. I have even tried using the one yall have for his VP pic on 2016 and it says it cannot find the file

  4. i click on the picture and it says your image has to be a certain type of picture. i go to internet and save it as that type of image. i re-size it to the size that it needs to be i save it again then when i click on it to upload it it says file not found.

  5. Are you saying that you click on the picture in the Candidate Editor, you locate the file in the dialog screen, and then when you click to open it, it says ‘file not found’?

  6. When will the next update be out? When do you expect us to be able to edit a candidate’s strength in a state?

  7. The next update should have a completed Candidate Editor, including primary percentages and general election percentage bonuses. I’m currently changing how the Vice-Leaders work, once that’s done it will be released. Probably today or tomorrow.

  8. @Kevin,

    Can you tell me where (what folder) you are trying to import the picture from on your computer (For example, your desktop), and what operating system you are using?

    Also, can you tell me if you continue to have the problem if you run the game as administrator (Start > Programs > President Forever 2016 > President Forever 2016 > right-click, Run as administrator)?

  9. Windows 8 and XP i try to bring it out of the P4E file itself i tried to import the Huckabee VP picture to the Leader picture.

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