Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 3

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 3 has been released. The core XML technology the game uses (for scenarios) was changed, which sets the stage for enhancing the Editor. In addition, you can now modify leader platforms and delete scenarios, another screen has been added to the Editor, there are some changes to how a few other screens look, and a couple of bugs have been fixed.

Note: if you receive an ‘access denied’ message, please try running the game by Start > Programs > President Forever 2016 > President Forever 2016 > right-click, Run as Administrator. If this works, please let me know, as this will tell me what is causing the error and we can then fix it on this end so that you don’t have to continue running the game that way.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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41 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 3”

  1. I like the new changes and how it’s coming along. I wish we could see more changes in gameplay but I have nothing negative to say about this update.

  2. Ya, with this last release, the main change was a core XML technology, which required rewriting a significant amount of code. The upside is that it sets the scene for development of the editor.

  3. I still can’t play the game. I get an error right when I end the first turn again with this update. I haven’t been able to play the game the last two or three updates. That’s over a month of not being able to play the game, at least.

  4. Will you be able to create a brand new candidate with a biography, home state, platform, etc. with the new candidate editor? I’d like to play the game as myself 🙂

  5. @FlyEaglesFly,

    Yes – the current version includes the ability to modify a candidate’s platform and bio. It will be expanded to also include the ability to change the home state, and so on.

  6. @Jonathan,

    Do you get an error when you run the game as administrator (Start > President Forever 2016 > President Forever 2016 > right click, Run as Administrator)?

  7. @ZR,

    The changes are on the program side – if you want to edit XML files directly, you would still edit them directly.

  8. Yes, run as administrator works. I forgot to do that for some reason. Thanks!

    However, I am unable to play any scenario I edit with the campaign editor.

  9. Ive tried playing this version several times and each time it crashes during this first turn, saying that it can not create the autosave file for a specific candidate (in 2012 its Mitt Romney, 2016 it is Rubio). When I turn off autosave, which I am reluctant to do as I had troubles earlier with the game crashing when not saving regularly, it says “error in writing file”.

    I may stop playing this game for a while, Ive seen several scenarios added but from what I can tell (comparing it to last summer) few improvements to actual game play and on how realistic it is.

  10. Speaking of the campaign editor. What is the timetable for when we will be able to add candidates to the game ourselves?

  11. @Kevin,

    Yes. My vision for P4E16 is every election from 1912 to 2016. The basic trajectory is

    1. Candidate editor (this is already done to a significant extent).
    2. Full editor.
    3. Add scenarios.

    Probably, the pattern with scenarios will be to start with the most recent ones, and then move backwards (2008, 2004, 2000, and so on).

  12. @Jonathan,

    If you run as administrator, create a new scenario and edit it, and then save it, then try to play that scenario (again while still running as administrator), does it work?

  13. Heya, Just bought the game and am really enjoying it, just wondering if you intended to add some more characters for the 2016 game as it does seem to be a bit lacking. I’m thinking along the lines of Scott Walker; Condoleezza Rice & Susana Martinez for the Republican’s. Cory Booker & Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democrat’s.

  14. @ZR,

    Significant new development of in-game features would probably occur at the same time as step 3., creation of new scenarios.

    @Guy B,

    Thanks for the feedback – yes, this will happen once the candidate editor is completed. Suggestions noted.

  15. @R.O.,

    Does it work if you run it as administrator? (Start > President Forever 2016 > President Forever 2016 > right click, Run as Administrator)

  16. Can I make a suggestion that can be implemented easily and will go along way in improving the game? On election night, have the results update every ten seconds instead of ticking up. It accomplishes two things, makes the game realistic and builds anticipation.

  17. I’d like to repeat my desire to see contested nomination conventions. I had another instance when the nomination was locked up in early May by the person who was a distant 2nd in the polls. This occurred because all the candidates that dropped out where supporting everyone but the front runner. However, all the governor’s and senators and the population was supporting the front runner. I think the nomination would be heated in this respect if the candidate at the top of the polls refused to drop out. Lastly, the one who locked up nomination is dropping in the polls because of scandals and attacks. I think adding something like a contested vote, possibly requiring a revote at the convention by delegates, or however they’d do this, would be a nice touch, should this situation occur. It is rare, but I’ve had it happen at least 10% of the time.

  18. Other Republicans that could be added are South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley & Texas Senator Ted Cruz alongside my earlier suggestions of “Scott Walker; Condoleezza Rice & Susana Martinez for the Republican’s. Cory Booker & Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democrat’s.” Just a suggestion to help expand the candidate list!

  19. @Jonathan,

    Yes, once the candidate editor is done, I will start adding more candidates to the official scenarios.

  20. @GuyB,

    Thanks for these suggestions – once the candidate editor is done, we will be adding more candidates.

  21. Anthony, can you please ADD a option for RE-COUNT when a 50% vs 50% happens in a state? In those cases when a candidate loose the election for one state that is 50%-50%, the recount must lead to a different result and so the possibility for winning the election.

    Can you try to make the game more realistic? I won the popular vote as Rubio with 68 MILLION VOTES, against 61 million for Clinton. She won huge on the electoral college. I lost Florida, Virginia, Ohio and New Hamsphire by 0,1% or lost by less than 10,000 votes in each one of those states, most of them 50-50. (Me loosing)

  22. For some reason, this version of the game won’t load save file. I’d gotten pretty far through a scenario when the game crashed for no apparent reason. I went to load the autosave but no saved games appear in the “load game” dialog box. I checked the savedgames folder and the autosave file was there. Has anyone else encountered this?

    As long as I’m commenting, I’d like to suggest making the advertisements movable. In other words, if I make a leadership ad, then a corruption ad, then a military intervention ad, I want to be able to switch their order.

  23. President Obama should be a possible endorsement and surrogate for the Democrats. I think he should be leaning toward Biden. Also, I think Biden should be a little stronger, because I don’t think he’d run if he were projected to be in 5th place.

  24. @Jonathan,

    This is a good point – if Biden runs, then Obama would probably endorse him. If Biden didn’t run, though, my guess is that there would be no endorsement. Interested in others’ thoughts on this.

  25. @Andy,

    In TR 3, autosave files were put into a different folder from where they should be. You can find them by going to C: > Program Files > President Forever 2016 > Savegames. In TR 4 (not yet released), they are saved the same folder as regular save games.

  26. I think PIPs should be something that can be replaced, something similar to the energy meter, perhaps. My main reason for thinking this is that surrogates are too expensive to get them to campaign on your behalf. Generally, and I think this may be the case for others, I run out of PIPs before the General Election begins. I would think that the PIP requirement might even go away once the General Election begins, as it benefits these politicians that someone of their political party is the president.

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