Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 1

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 1 has been released. This fixes a few bugs, and modifies how Turn Summaries work.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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34 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 1”

  1. When will yall be adding additional candidates to the republican side? I also believe that gun control will be a HUGE issue in 2016 especially for the republican party

  2. @David and Jonathan,

    Can you say where or when you are getting the access denied message, and if the message says anything else?

  3. @Kevin,

    I don’t have a specific time frame in which candidates will be added. Probably in the next few months, and especially as the field starts to take shape.

  4. Started no worries. Can’t get past first turn.
    Following error message:
    “Cannot create file “C:\ProgramFiles\PresidentForever2016\savegames\autosave.sav_marco_rubio_poll_data_history.” Access is denied.”
    Same problem and message regardless of party/candidate chosen.
    Switching autosave off works. However you get a message in options box “Error writing to file”, which doesn’t appear to hinder game.

  5. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for this – can you tell me exactly where you are experiencing a difficulty, and what message if any you receive?

  6. I get the message right after I put in the keycode and my email address and hit enter. It says access denied.

  7. And no. I didn’t put it in a new folder. However, I tried to do it this time and i got the same message.

  8. In Windows 7, go to Start > Programs > President Forever 2016 folder > President Forever 2016, then right-click and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

  9. @David,

    I am changing how these things work for the next test release – please let me know if this problem continues once that’s released.

  10. I have a question about perry’s debating skill and issue familiarity in 2012 he didn’t start it with a horrible debating skill or issue familiarity he lost it like any other candidate would he did not practice, so why are his so low?

  11. Because, to put it bluntly, his “oops” moment was arguably the biggest gaffe of the 2012 campaign. Certainly it was in the top five or so. The scenario starts only about three weeks after it.

  12. I’d have to argue in favor of Anthony’s rating for Perry’s debate skills. Perry has never been a great debater. I think he’d have to study more than other candidates to do well. He may or may not have other virtues as a politician but debating isn’t his talent. I’m from Texas and have had to see him speak on many occasions.

  13. I think Obama just let his debating skill erode by not practicing. That happens in the game, too. Obama is naturally a better debater than Perry. I don’t mean this to be argumentative. Perry could be correct on all his points, he just won’t debate them as well as Obama.

  14. I think it’d be a worthwhile consideration to allow human-controlled candidates to enter the primaries race at a time of their choosing (with a financial and polling boost, perhaps) to simulate late entries (Rick Perry in Aug. 2011, for example). Sitting back and waiting for an opportune moment to enter the race, I think, would add a lot to the experience. I’m not a programmer, however, and have little to no idea as to the feasibility of such a feature. But I’ve seen only good things come from you guys.

  15. Quick question relating to Congress Forever, if you’re editing the political units file, is there a specific unit that shows the state of the race in play. For example, for NY-1 there is NY-2, two senate seats. Which one do I have to edit for it to show it on the map, changing colors.

  16. @ZR,

    There are two relevant files, political_units.xml and percentages.xml . political_units.xml will specify which is the on-year one.

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