President Forever 2016 – What’s coming in the next few months

For the next few months, the focus will be on President Forever 2016 for Windows.

A few things that I’ll be focusing on:

  • Fixing remaining bugs
  • Adding Favorability Scores, which will replace the current electorate system and allow for more realistic primaries modeling
  • Continuing to add to the 2016 scenario
  • Expanding the number of scenarios, including finalizing the 1912 scenario (provisionally, my goal is to have all scenarios from 1912-2016 – we’ll see)
  • Allowing for expedited gameplay during the primaries (it drags a bit, especially once the primary contest is locked up)
  • Continuing to enhance gameplay, the user-interface, and help
  • Expanding the candidate editing tool

Have a great new year everyone! Looking forward to making President Forever 2016 the best election game ever.


19 thoughts on “President Forever 2016 – What’s coming in the next few months”

  1. I don’t know if you fixed this or not, but you may also want to prevent the computer from campaigning in the non-voting territories during the general election.

  2. Love the Candidate editor, I’m glad you plan to expand it. Maybe make it so that you can change the candidates’ home states and starting percentages?

  3. @Jonathan,

    Thanks – noted.


    Yes, the plan is to make it into a comprehensive candidate editing tool, and then perhaps beyond. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Would love to see some more major additions to the game, which we haven’t seen in a while. As far as adding primary vote totals next to the percentages, and also having election night revamped.

    I feel a lot of suggestions have been put out there from everyone who comments on this forum and I hope we start seeing some real progress on achieving those aspirations.

  5. A few questions and suggestions….

    On favorability scores – So running a negative campaign and making gaffes would presumably lower a candidate’s favorability?

    When making speeches, debating and taking part in tenter view I think an “emotion” option would be good. The emotions could be “aggressive”, “defensive”, “passionate”, “calm”, “friendly” and so on.

    Something which would be welcomed (but would also take a lot of time and work) – the edition of template county maps for each U.S. state. This would make it easier for players to create statewide scenarios of their choice.

  6. @Craig,

    Thanks for these – yes, I have a list of ideas and suggestions from the community, including the two you mentioned.


    Yes, favorability would increase or decrease based on various actions, attacks, and so on.

    Emotion idea and county maps noted – adding county maps would be a big addition, we’ll see what happens in the next few months.

  7. With all the focus on how much money campaigns are spending and raising during election season it would be nice to have a breakdown of funds raised and spent all together and maybe even broken down by states.

  8. I was also wondering if you have looked at a campaign slogan option that the player can choose and change throughout the game, as well as creating a scandal on something other than corruption, also i like the idea of the county maps for the campaign editor so we can create our own races, I would also like to see a more interesting campaign night, as well as a more interesting way to address the winner of the primary voting every time there is a primary(i think this is where the state maps could come into play), i would also like for the primary season to start earlier and you have to apply to all states to get on ballots, and you get your campaign going, as well as entering the race on a day that you choose.

  9. @Kevin,

    First test update has been released.

    Thanks for the feedback! Noted. Can you say more about what you mean by “way to address the winner of the primary voting every time there is a primary”?

  10. Like have a mini election night with the counties changing colors like the election night and the states do on election night

  11. Also there was talk a while back you were talking about an online multiplayer option do you know if this is still something yall will be looking into?

  12. @Kevin, ok, thanks – noted.

    For multiplayer, it might happen, but it’s not at the top of the list right now. If it does happen, it probably won’t be for awhile.

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