Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.3

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.3 has been released. This turns Autosave on by default, fixes a couple possible bugs with primaries, and fixes a problem with undecided voters associated with other parties moving to another party.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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60 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.3”

  1. This updated fixed all the crashing. I was able to play through in every scenario. Thanks!

    Is there a way to allow ads to automatically turn back on, and keep going, until they max out? I’m playing the 1912 campaign and I have to turn my ads back on every turn.

  2. @Craig,

    Thanks for that – link fixed.


    Good to hear, and thanks for your help in this!

    Can you say more about having to turn ads back on? They should run for 5 (or whatever) turns and then turn off by default. If your candidate runs out of money, they will turn off, though.

  3. I’m playing as Debs. I don’t think he’s running out of money because I can easily pay to turn them back on. However, I have to turn them back on after I run them. I think they’re going for 5 turns the first time. Then I have to keep turning them one very turn.

    About the 2016 election. I think the Republican strategy and/or platform will be wildly different — possibly more moderate so they can win over some of Hispanic vote. I think some of the candidates should reflect this more obviously. In addition, I think Jon Huntsman, while he performed poorly in 2012, will probably be something closer to the norm in 2016. He was a candidate that a lot of moderate and centrist Democrats liked and respected, even though they still stuck with the Democrats. However, a candidate like Hunstman might be able to win over these independents or centrist Democrats. The thing with Huntsman is that he isn’t the type of candidate that is going to try and appeal to the Radical Right. This means a 3rd party might be involved. However, the Republicans could choose to ignore the radical right and hope that they’ll vote for a Huntsman-like character just because it isn’t someone like Clinton or Biden.

  4. Oh, and in 1912, Debs probably shouldn’t start out with 0% in the primaries. He should probably have something similar to, or better, than the 1908 results.

  5. About the ads. What happens, is that they do run for 5 turns, but then if I want to re-run them, then I have to either turn them on each turn to run them again, or I have to delete them and remake them so I can run them for 5 turns. I pretty much want my ads on experience and leadership to run continuously, or at least where I don’t have to turn them back on every turn.

  6. @Jonathan,

    Ok, this sounds like a bug the opposite way – you are only supposed to be able to run a given ad in a given region for 5 turns. After that, you shouldn’t be able to run them anymore. What might be happening is that the game allows you to turn them on, but then turns them off before they actually run. I’ll look into this.

  7. @anthony_270admin maybe you could push up the campaign in 2016 during the primaries to start in November vs September just to long of a primaries campaign. And any idea if you are going to change the number of campaign events in a state you can do before it starts hurting you?

  8. @Wilfred,

    I was thinking the same thing – it’s a bit too long on the front end. The idea was to give people more time to set up campaign infrastructure. We’ll see.

    Yes, the way barnstorming power is affected by number of times campaigned in a state will change – can’t say when this will happen, but it’s near the top of the list.

  9. Just had a crash, 2016 game play as Christie. Right after Arizona and Michigan primaries, Mcdonnell drops out, I go to VA page and hit endorsements and got an out of bounds error.and game crash.

  10. I think you should add Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, Patty Murray (she’d probably use her success as head of DSCC as a front), Erskine Bowles, Al Gore, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Nancy Pelosi. As for Republicans, I think that Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Michael Reagan, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Reince Priebus, Kevin McCarthy, and John Kyl. Give or take a few, of course, that’s a lot.

  11. I noticed that whenever I create an ad, it goes to 6, and then goes down a few and acts like it’s making another ad.

  12. After playing around with it I noticed that creating and running a national ad still runs for five turns or whatever it is suppose to run but it always shows 1/5. If you create and run a regional ad it will act normal showing run 1/5, 2/5, etc. Don’t know if this helps solving the bug or not. It does it in both the primaries and general

  13. i like the early start to the campaign to set everything up for a successful campaign experience and I would also like it to start earlier so you can choose when to enter the election but be laying out groundwork before you enter the election. also this was mentioned in an earlier update and i liked the idea of a campaign slogan, where you create the slogan you want for the primaries and can change it for the ge and it would be added in the theme section do y’all think that is a doable option?

  14. I like the long primary season in the 2016 scenario – I actually wish it were longer as the primaries are more fun for me than the general – it’s more of a challenge with multiple opponents than just 1.

    I was also wondering why Tim Pawlenty isn’t included in the 2012 scenario. While he never participated in a caucus or primary, he was the first to announce.

    Lastly, I’ve noticed that when I get a candidate who has far better debating skills and a high issue knowledge, he still performs extremely poorly in the debates – regardless of how much debate prep and issue knowledge I do.This seems like a glitch to me as it should not be the case.

  15. @Matt,

    Did that crash occur after clicking the ‘Details’ button for McDonnell? If so, I have replicated this bug and fixed it in the latest internal.

  16. @Matt re: candidate editor,

    Yes, a candidate editing tool is at the top of the features list. I can’t give a specific date – maybe within a couple weeks.

  17. @Harry,

    Thanks for the candidate suggestions – ideas noted. At this point, we’ll be adding one or two new candidates to 2016 at a time.

  18. Seems like you fixed the problem to the race being called wrongly, except now it’s called once Hawaii’s finished reporting which is the end of the game. I guess this is a temporary fix?

  19. I played as Teddy Roosevelt in the 1912 campaign. I led in electoral votes. Wilson led in popular vote. Taft was a distance 3rd in both categories; yet, because congress was Republican, Taft was elected when none of the three candidates received a majority. I;d understand the congress selecting Taft if Wilson had the most electoral votes; however, Roosevelt was technically a Republican; although, he ran on the Progressive Bull Moose ticket. I feel that the Congress would have endorsed the more popular candidate than back Taft in that situation, even if the Republicans in Congress might have been more conservative.

    I don’t know if you have a way of allowing the Congress to be more okay with Roosevelt in this sort of situation.

  20. Hey, Anthony(admin),

    I haven’t touched my game in a bit, and I see there’s been a few updates since.

    Do I have to install each update individually, or would downloading this one make it possible to have everything from the previous few updates without having to download them?

    I have no problem doing it either way, just wanna know if I have a time-saving option available.

    Thank you.

  21. @Jonathan re: Roosevelt, Taft, and the Congress,

    That’s a tricky situation. Since Taft held a decisive advantage in the party machinery and was the incumbent President, it’s reasonable to suppose he would have won at least if it was close with Roosevelt. Noted – we’ll see.

  22. @Kevin re: adding Huckabee to 2016,

    Yes, he’s on the list. We’ll be adding one or two at a time – he might not appear for a bit.

  23. @Matt re: Pawlenty in 2012,

    By the time of the start date for the scenario, Pawlenty had withdrawn.

    Re: debates, you should be given details on why your debate score was low. What does it say?

  24. @Kevin re: campaign slogans,

    It’s noted. Perhaps there could be a range of slogans, each associated with different issues, or whether a player’s theme is attack or boast. We’ll see.

  25. @KM re: national ad running in region displaying 1/5, I’ve confirmed this bug – thanks for this feedback.

  26. Two things:

    1) I think Pawlenty and Cain should definitely be options in the 2012 scenario. For hypothetical reasons. I mean, you have Christie and Clinton there, and they didn’t even run.

    2) For the 1912 scenario. Is there a way you can make the congress support Taft only if he doesn’t fall to 3rd place? Also, I think Congress would feel pressured to pick one of the top two parties anyway. Imagine the outcry against Congress if 76% of the population didn’t vote for Taft and then he’s selected.

  27. @Jonathan,

    1. Yes, some people would like to try them for hypothetical reasons. However, I think there are other candidates more people would rather try than them, so if I do add more hypotheticals they probably won’t be first. We’ll see.

    2. Ya, this would be one way to do it. I’ve noted this.

  28. @Harry re: making ad that goes to 6,

    Can you be more specific on this? Sometimes, ad creation is reset (maybe 1 in 5 ads) intentionally. At the same time, there should be a message in the Turn Summary saying the ad has been delayed.

  29. I feel like Jeb Bush would start off better in Florida than he does in the 2016 scenario. He should probably be #2 behind Rubio in Florida.

  30. @anthony Well, it seems like every ad does it. It hops around from 6 to 4, or maybe sometimes to zero. It takes maybe a month to make ads? It sometimes finishes on 5 or 4. Is this supposed to happen?

  31. In the 2016 scenario, I have been having a frequent problem where I’ve gone down to the last man in the primaries and down to the last state – and even though each time I have a majority of delegates, it always says my opponent had a majority when we get to the convention.

  32. Bug continues, the game crashes constantly.

    When are you going to realease a CAMPAIGN EDITOR like the one for PRESIDENT FOREVER 2008?

    I’m getting bored of playing the same escenarios.

  33. I noticed in 2012 Johnson isn’t on the ballot in Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Oklahoma. In reality he was on the ballot in PA, and was a write-in candidate in MI (but was indeed completely off in OK). Is there any way to overcome this via organizational strength or footsoldiers?

  34. In PF2016, in 2016, I find that, 2/3 of the way into the primaries if i click on endorsers, the game freezes.. it does this into the general election too.

  35. Will super PACs ever play a bigger role? Such as being able to get money from endorsers (Donald Trump, for instance), and have your super PAC have more activity? And will there be a watchlist, like in Congress Forever?

  36. Adding on to my previous statement, you could add endorsers that just give you a blast of cash, such as the Koch brothers.

  37. @Harry re: endorsers that give blast of cash, I believe the Koch brothers worked primarily through SuperPACs in 2012 cycle.

    Re: watchlist, no. Watchlists have been replaced with targeted states lists.

    Re: SuperPACs, this is a good idea. We’ll see about adding functionality to SuperPACs.

  38. @Marc,

    Thanks for the feedback re: endorsers bug. This should now be fixed in the latest version (v. 1.3.4).

  39. @ICX re: Johnson on ballot in 2012,

    Yes, double-click on the state in question (say, OK), which brings up the Electoral Vote Info Screen. Then click on the Get On Ballot Button.

  40. @Peterson re: Santorum, Biden, Schweitzer,

    Yes, Biden is on the list. Santorum is a maybe – if he makes serious noises to run, then he will be. Schweitzer is also a maybe.

  41. @Andres re: campaign editor,

    We’ll be releasing a candidate editing tool soon. That may then be expanded to include campaign editing functionality in the future.

  42. @Harry re: ad creation time,

    No, that’s not supposed to happen. I’ve never seen that happen while making ads, but will keep an eye out for it. If there is anything in specific you do that seems to cause that to happen (where it doesn’t happen other times), please let me know.

  43. @Jonathan re: Jeb Bush in Florida,

    My feeling about Bush is that the brand name has been significantly damaged, and it wouldn’t really matter whether it was Florida or another state. If there is polling information that contradicts this, though, I’m interested in it.

  44. Can you please apply the same code to congress forever for the house that you used for P4E 2012 where you can target which states you want an ad to run in from one screen

  45. @Craig, thanks for this feedback – it’s noted. Right now, development is focused on P4E16, but if develops switches to Congress4E, then something like this might happen.

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