Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.2

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.2 has been released. This fixes a bug where news story about barnstorming would have leader’s previous location, sets the default scenario as 2016, and makes minor modifications to Republican starting percentages in 2016.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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35 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.2”

  1. Will you ever include an online multiplayer other than hotseat would be more convienent Im tired of playing computers.

  2. After I installed the game (1.3.2), I keep getting the error “Cannot open file “C:\Program Files\President Forever 2016\scenarios\quotation_number.p4e”. The system cannot find the file specified.” This error comes up each time that I run the game. I tried a clean install of the game and installing the game as an administrator (Windows Vista), but this error keeps appearing.

  3. Also there needs to be an early vote in certain states so people don’t be lazy and wait to the last minute and do an ad blitz cause if you are losing Ohio by 20% 30 days before election but do a last minute ad blitz and win.

  4. Why do computers not choose party funds it makes it not fun because I can win just by spending 2-1 more money than them.

  5. @Reuben,

    Yes, you can uninstall President Forever 2012. President Forever 2016 will contain all future updates.

  6. @Reuben,

    Thanks – this bug has now been fixed. You can redownload and install, it should now work.

  7. @Wilfred,

    Thanks for the feedback – noted. I can’t say at this point whether it will or not, but it’s something I’d like to see happen.

  8. @Wilfred,

    Feedback about early election voting noted. I’ll look into computer players and party funds – thanks for this.

  9. Alright any Idea of any other scenarios you might add maybe 2008? Because I know that election would be fun to play on the new engine especially the Democratic Primaries.

  10. @Wilfred,

    Adding more scenarios will probably happen, but there are other things to work on first (a candidate editing tool, more features, and 1912 in particular). At this point, I can’t say what scenarios will be at the top of the list.

  11. @anthony_270admin any idea on when a candidate editing tool will be ready? and would That include a scenario maker like you made for PFE 08+ primaries

  12. It’s on the top of the list, beyond that I can’t be more specific.

    Initially, it would be a simple candidate editing tool. After that, it might be expanded to include more scenario editing capabilities.

  13. With this update:

    1912 scenario crashed for me on March 19th now. Default settings

    2012 crashed pretty much right away for me. (playing as Johnson with Christie and Clinton active)

    I was able to go through 2016 with no problem.

  14. Will you add a Governor Election Game? You could operate it much the same way as Congress Forever. Just a thought.

  15. @Harry,

    Thanks for this feedback – replicating this bug is my top priority right now – it’s vague, so might be produced by a specific set of actions.

  16. Also, I can’t wait until the campaign editor. I’ve got a 2024 election all planned out. Lots of new issues: Jobs for seniors (this population is dramatically increasing), Mexican Civil War/Refugees, China, Relations with a strengthened EU, 30 hour workweek, easier amendment process, term-limits on Congress and Justices, ending Drug War, abolish/reform FED Reserve, Electoral College amendment, and others.

    The country is more populist and less trusting of the majority parties. The third parties in this hypothetical election are still unlikely to get the 15% needed to be in the debate; however, 10% is a possibility. Two of the 3rd parties are likely to get 10% of the vote each. This makes things difficult for the two majority parties. Especially, since nearly the entire country in 2024 distrusts the two major parties; however, most of the country fears the change involved in adopting one of the two new parties. Overall, the country is entirely populist.

    I have a generic liberal 3rd party and a generic conservative 3rd party. They’re a coalition of parties into one of those two camps. Realistic candidates for 2024 include (a 78 year old Dennis Kucinich, Rand Paul, Tim Tebow, Scott Brown, George P Bush, Jon Huntsman, Meghan McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ivanka Trump, Joe P Kennedy III, Philip Bobbitt, Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton, Julian Castro, Kasim Reed, Martin O’Malley, Rahm Emanuel, Judy Chu and NIkki Tinker. The rest are fictional.

    The map in 2024 will be different. Blue, and Red are shifted a bit. Vermont may be the first reliable 3rd party state in this neo-Populist era.

    *Note: This is not my prediction for 2024. This is just a hypothetical scenario in the event that economic crises, job crises, robot technology, Mexican Civil War, stronger China and EU, and influential populism arises. Therefore, think of this more as a novel rather than a historical projection.

    Candidates of the four parties include fictional and realistic candidates.

  17. Just a suggestion, but is Joe Biden going to be included in the 2016 Democratic primaries; I would have seen him to be an obvious contender for the next election.

  18. I think Santorum should be a candidate in 2016. The Republican party has a history of nominating whoever came in second place in the previous primary season. This was true of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Also, Public Policy Polling released a hypothetical 2016 Republican primary poll out of Iowa showing that Rick Santorum was tied for first with Mike Huckabee and ahead of such people as Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio. Since Huckabee has said that he will no longer run for public office, that would probably mean a lead for Santorum in Iowa as well as many other states.

    Also, I agree that Biden should be a Democratic candidate for 2016. He seems to have shown interest in running and early polling shows that he would do well if Hillary Clinton decides not to run. Another Democrat I would suggest would be Brian Schweitzer from Montana.

  19. I agree Santorum should be a candidate as well as perry and huckabee do to the fact they are already holding events in Iowa and other such states

  20. @James, Peterson, Kevin,

    Candidates will be added as it becomes clear they are seriously considering a race, and would have an impact on the race if they decided to enter it.

  21. Here are some more 2016 candidates. These are listed as potential candidates on wikipedia. I think you could probably just put in as many candidates as you can and then turn them all off, and then the player can turn the candidates to “human” , “computer” or “off” as they see fit.

    Here is wikipedia’s list:,_2016

    However, I think these are the likely candidates from this list.

    Democrats: Joe Biden, Julian Castro (keynote speaker usually seems to end up running), Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel, Kirsten Gillibrand, Christine Gregoire, Jay Nixon, Martin O’Malley, Mark Warner and Elizabeth Warren.

    Republicans: Mitt Romney (I don’t think so, but it is possible), Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Jon Huntsman, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Susana Martinez, Bob McDonnell, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Condoleeza Rice, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Brian Sandoval, Rick Santorum, Jim Thune.

    I don’t think Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian candidate. He couldn’t even get 1% of the vote. Not sure who the nominee will be.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Newt Gingrich tries again for the Republicans even though he’d be ancient by 2016.

  22. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for the candidate suggestions – I’ll be adding more 2016 possible candidates, probably one or two at a time, as things develop.

  23. @Jonathan re: 2024,

    Sounds fun! A candidate editing tool will be released first, and then this may be upgraded into a campaign editing tool – we’ll see.

  24. Are we ever going to see more advancements to the game besides bug fixes or new candidates? There were a lot things I hope you would implement but it seems like the game is tetering on the finish line.

  25. @Dan,

    Yes, features will continue to be added to the game! I have features I would like to add, but right now the priorities are a candidate editing tool and finishing up 1912.

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