Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.3.0

President Forever 2012 v. 1.3.0 has been released. This fixes several bugs, makes some changes to how information is presented, and unused CPs are now used to recharge a leader’s EPs first, then to increase background fundraising.

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13 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.3.0”

  1. The game still crashes for me on April 2, 1912 in the 1912 scenario. It also crashed for me in January in the 2012 primary. The general election runs fine in 2012. However, I miss playing the primaries. I haven’t been able to play them for awhile because of these crashes.

  2. @Jonathan,

    Similarly for 1912. Do you have a save game (v. 1.3.0) that consistently produces a crash?

  3. I would like to send both saved games, but for some reason, the files don’t show up in the “savedgames” folder when I try to attach them.

    1912 crashed again on April 2nd.

    2012 didn’t crash in January this 2nd go around, but crashed on election day.

    I saved both files, but the only file that shows as a possible attachment is a text file.

  4. I can’t change my theme either plus my newspaper articles are still off by a day and I noticed wasn’t even addressed in this version 🙁 My patience is starting to run thin on when this game will be 100% playable and I’m starting to wonder if I’m really getting my money’s worth. I’m beginning to become a disappointed customer 🙁

  5. @KM,

    Theme bug fixed in the latest release, v. 1.3.1.

    I am unable to replicate the newspaper articles are a day off error you are experiencing. Can you confirm that you click to travel first, then select the location, then click the barnstorm button?

  6. Yes I do all of the above. Sometimes if I happen to get an article right from the start it would state “Romney campaigns in Massachusetts” after I move Romney from where he begins the game. It occurs for both barnstorming and for rallies but I don’t think it is affecting momentum from spins, seems to be just a text error from what I can tell

  7. @KM,

    Thanks – I think I’ve confirmed the news story location barnstorming bug. Will be fixed in the next release.

  8. I’m interested in the candidate editor as well. It’s definitely at the top of my wish list for this game.

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