Release: Congress Forever 2012 v. 1.4.1

Congress Forever 2012 v. 1.4.1 has been released. This fixes a bug with national attack ads always backfiring.

Note: if you are a Congress Forever 2010 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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4 thoughts on “Release: Congress Forever 2012 v. 1.4.1”

  1. Will a new version be released soon with candidate editor for president forever 2012. And will the Canadian 2011 election game be updated to include a candidate editor as well.

  2. @Jack,

    Yes, a candidate editing tool for President Forever 2016 will be released soon. We’re focusing on President Forever 2016 right now – a candidate editing tool for Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 might be released in the future.

  3. @Chris,

    There’s no decision yet on whether that functionality will be in the President Forever 2016 candidate editing tool. We’ll start with a candidate editor, and then decide whether to add more functionality such as adding different parties.

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