Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.3

President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.3 has been released. This fixes a few bugs.

What we’re working on next: A button to set Surrogates to automatic among other things.

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24 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.3”

  1. I think you would had been better off doing the historical scenarios such as 08, 04, 2000 92, 80 etc. I’d also love to see a scenario creator if that is possible πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve yet to try this new version but I’d be interested to know if the problem with saving is now resolved. The ‘out of memory’ message was rather annoying having got to the first few primaries with Coumos way ahead the polls, only to lose all the hours of progress due to this error. Loving the game but saving is a must.

  3. Since I won’t be able to download this for another day or two, can someone be kind enough to post a list of the candidates that are included in the 2016 scenario?

  4. Game looks great so far. Two issues I’ve found:

    1. Issue on counting CPs (in primaries, not sure about general). When Ad Strength (or other campaign component) is finished improving after being set at 3 CPs/Turn, clicking it again puts CPs to 4 and only counts as 1 against your total. When deleting the 4th CP, or deleting down to 0, CPs are added to the available even though they shouldn’t be in the total.

    2. Playing as Clinton in primaries doesn’t allow research of a Scandal on Obama. The % chance turns red on the second turn and never progresses past 1%.

  5. When I play as Jeb Bush in 2016 with all candidates on, I get an Access violation at address 00000000. And when I play as Bachmann, I can’t open the strategy screen without getting another access violation.

  6. Hi. 2016 scenario is really great!

    I wanted to tell you that there’s a speculation that Sarah Palin would run in gop primaries in 2016. Could you add Sarah Palin as hypothetical candidate?

    Her charisma is very high, as she shown it in 2008 presidental campaign.
    But her Issue knowledge and Debate prep would have to be very low.

    And also, current fixed PIP system is little bit unrealistic I think.
    That is, if one candidate who was out of spotlight (who must have tiny PIPs) gets attention (through winning primaries in row and attained 1st or 2nd postition in nationwide poll) , (s)he must become more influential figure and threfore gaining PIPs.
    Vice versa would be applied too. (if gingrich collaspes in polls, his PIPs would must be decreased)

    Finally, I am just curious how can I increase candidate’s strength?
    There says I can increase my candidate’s strength like command strength and fundraising strength and others. But I can not find how to do it.

    Thanks. Really great version.

  7. Just thought that adding ‘slogan’ to game play would be more fun.
    Assigning some sample slogans to each candidate, so that also AI candidates can choose slogans by itself. And when candidate editor is updated, players can add or modify slogan through editor. just like choosing a VP.

    Relating slogans to particular issue would be more better, like
    Presidnet’s slogan ‘Forward.’ can be related into “Leadership” issue, so that that issue could be more easily progressed.

    Slogan could be used in spinning. For example, if obama’s slogan is ‘Forward.’ and he rallies in Ohio, news headline would reads like ‘Obama rally in Ohio, shouting “Forward.” ‘
    Pretty miscellaneous, but would add more fun to playing the game.

    just thought that this could improve the great game a bit more greater. πŸ™‚

  8. Ant – You may remember I mentioned on a previous version that x-unknown was appeared once in the states overview page, well I just started a game taking romney and a couple of the other big names out and found the same issue occur, 99% of them say x-unknown, it looks weird and is annoying.


  9. @Kafka,

    Thanks for the feedback – idea about slogans noted. I’ve also added Palin to the list of possible to add candidates for the 2016 scenario.

  10. @Kevin,

    Can you say what you mean by checking on the map and status of the other party? You can click the small blue arrow on the right side of the Main Screen to change the party primaries you are viewing.

  11. @Harry,

    Thanks for these bug reports – I’ll look into it.

    If you know who will replace Gregoire, by all means tell us. πŸ™‚

  12. @The3,

    Bug with Ad Strength and CPs noted.

    I’ll look into how the scandal percentage is working.

  13. @Tr1,

    Currently they are …


    Rand Paul
    J. Bush


    H. Clinton

  14. @Antonio,

    We’re excited about the possibilities for historical scenarios – feedback noted.

    A candidate editing tool will be released soon. It will start small, allowing basic candidate editing, and then depending on how things go might be ramped up.

  15. I just bought both the 2008 + Primaries and the 2012 + Primaries game.

    I just recently tried out the 2012 game this morning, and while I understand that Romney won the GOP nomination, it almost seems as if he’s set a bit too strong. Just for fun, I set all 2012 Republican candidates who were part of at least one caucus or primary to “human” mode, tweaked the platforms just a little bit to positions I thought made more sense for all of the candidates, and spent the first month doing nothing with Romney, then a month giving speeches on his more left-leaning positions in more conservative states, and he STILL had big margins going into Iowa’s Caucus. I even had the game on “easy” difficulty setting.

    Is this because he really is set that comparatively strong against the rest of the Republican hopefuls, or do I need to get a better feel for the game? If it is that Romney is set that strong, is there any possibility of being able to adjust some of these settings? I’m not looking to make the game so easy that anybody can win everywhere without effort, but just to balance out some of the game play to keep it more interesting.

    Thank you.

  16. @DJP,

    Sorry, you set all the Rep candidates to ‘human’ mode? Were you then playing those candidates to win, and letting Romney do nothing?

  17. @Admin

    Basically, yes.

    I set Bachmann, Paul, Gingrich, Perry, Santorum and Romney to Human mode. For Bachmann, Paul, Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum, I focused on these five to really be active, and I took a more passive approach for Romney.

    With Romney, all I really did was give speeches highlighting his more center-left positions, and that’s about it. No ads, no barnstorming, and no fundraising (things I did for the other five), and he still had the race basically locked up by South Carolina.

    That’s why I was wondering if he is set that strong compared to the rest of the Republicans? Or if I need to keep playing to get a better feel for the game.

    I also bought the 2008 + Primaries version as well, and was able to tweak the settings on that game. I had it where I controlled Paul, Gingrich, and Romney. I was able to get through the entire primary/caucus schedule and none of the three had enough delegates to win the nomination before the convention. πŸ™‚

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