Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.0

President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.0 has been released. This fixes the Veep debating bug and adds Chris Christie as a possible Republican candidate, among other things.

What we’re working on next: A button to set Surrogates to automatic and more Republican candidates, among other things.To update:

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  1. Problems:
    1. Chris Christie is still a surrogate for Mitt Romney at the beginning.
    2. Chris Christie does not have a surrogate at the beginning like the other candidates do.

    1. Are y’all going to put in the feature that allows you to select when you want to enter the race?
    2. Are y’all going to add VP picks such as Rice, Martinez, and others that came up throughout the campaign season?
    3. Is there a way you could let players plan the convention?

  2. 1. Thanks – fixed in latest internal.
    2. Suggestions for surrogates welcome. This was intentional, Christie can get surrogates by winning endorsements from governors.

    1. Maybe. I don’t have a timeline for consideration of this feature.
    2. Rice and Martinez will most likely be added. Those and others will probably be added.
    3. Greater control over the convention is an interesting idea – we’ll see, but nothing immediately.

  3. I would have christie’s wife as a surrogate as well ad in any case of a sitting governor the current lieutenant governor of that state

  4. Yeah, Christie needs at least two, if not more, surrogates. I also think Chelsea Clinton should be one of many surrogates for Hillary Clinton. She’d definitely have about as many as Obama. There are many people who are fanatically loyal to the Clintons.

  5. Oh, and I think Jeb Bush could be a possibility if Chris Christie is. Many people were pushing for him to run as well. He would probably have the other Bush family member campaigning for him. Maybe even Dick Cheney.

    Another thing i noticed, is that Ron Paul usually drops out. I don’t know if he’s ever really dropped out when he’s run. Maybe make it more likely that he hangs on until the convention?

  6. 1. Ron Paul should (more likely) hang on until the end (after all thats what his trait)

    2. Its got to be possible for candidates other than Romney and Grinch to win, esp on easy mode.

  7. It is possible i have won with santorum you have to find what weakens romney and gingrich and paul to do so and Christie also wins

  8. I think Donald Trump should be an endorser/surrogate. Also, I think surrogates should only be effective in certain states. For instance, Christie might be a universal surrogate, but some might only work well in their own states or in certain regions. Some may even have a negative output—Palin or Trump.

  9. Was playing as Gingrich, had locked up the nomination, and everyone had dropped out, Christie being the most recent. I offered him a VP nomination on July 15th and the game crashed.

  10. Can you put a guide on how to turn endorsers into surrogates? I’ve been searching for it and can’t find how to do it.

  11. Hi Rz,

    Thanks for this question.

    Once you get the endorsement of an endorser who is listed as having a ‘potential surrogate’, that potential surrogate is automatically put into your list of possible surrogates. You can then create the surrogate, as you would any other surrogate.

    I will add this to the help file.

  12. @Jonathan,

    1. Done – Trump added as endorser who can become surrogate in latest internal.

    2. Endorsers already have regionalized barnstorming strengths – the governors have higher barnstorming strengths for their own states – but it isn’t being displayed. I’ll add this for the next release.

  13. @Rz,

    Yes. Some endorsers don’t become surrogates, though. If they do, it will say ‘potential surrogate’ on the endorser screen. Are there any endorsements you’ve gotten that are supposed to have potential surrogates that don’t show up?

  14. Here’s what I see:

    I’m trying to get someone to endorse me so I increase the points, it only goes as high as 80 and it then stops even if I increase it. I wait, and then they endorse me later on. Then they don’t appear but it says potential endorser on their name.

  15. Also, there should be demographics that you can get help with by endorsers. For instance, Susan Martinez could help with Hispanics or women.

  16. Found a bug:

    Won the nomination as Clinton, offered Chris Christie the VP nomination in a offer and then a error popped up and I had to quit the game.

  17. @Harry,

    Thanks for this – endorser -> surrogate -> VP is a design goal for the game – we already have endorser -> surrogate so it’s just putting in the last step. We’ll see.

  18. @Harry,

    Re: demographics,

    One way to do this is add issues (something where a certain demographic on average is different from the rest of the population) and then have endorsers, surrogates, or Veeps have bonuses on certain issues. Noted.

  19. @Rz re: endorser points,

    Do you mean you are increasing PIPs for an endorser, and it goes up to 80 and then stops?

  20. @Tas,

    Re: Ron Paul hanging on until the end, I want to add a feature that modifies the chance that a candidate will withdraw. We’ll see.

    Re: candidates other than Romney or Gingrich winning, an early primary win should now increase the momentum more for a candidate. Also, a bug was fixed where news stories about debates weren’t having any affect. This can increase Gingrich’s advantage, but in theory it could increase the advantage for another player.

  21. @Jonathan re: Jeb Bush,

    Thanks for the feedback on this – he might be added as a hypothetical candidate.

  22. Ok I figured it out. It only goes past 100 for some candidates, does that mean when I can’t increase it past 95 means they can’t become a surrogate. Because it says potential surrogate but it won’t increase past 100.

    Another thing to consider. I got 3 people to endorse me and then it wouldn’t let me increase anyone PIPS else past 100.

  23. @Rz,

    100 is required for an endorsement. It doesn’t have anything to do with potential surrogates.

    If you can’t increase an endorser score past 99, can you tell me how you are trying to increase it (PIPs or CPs)?

  24. I purchase the game and I installed in my laptop, everything worked just fine. Then my father took the laptop to another city and I went to install the game in my home PC, but the link wont work. Why I can’t install the game in different places? πŸ™ help

  25. When will you be adding third party candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein? Johnson has polled in the high single digits in some states in the mountain west like Arizona and his home state of New Mexico.

  26. With several endorsers there comes a point in the game when no matter how many CPs or PIPs I spend they will not move at all, stuck at whatever number they are at (usually either 95 or 80)

  27. There’s also a problem with the PIPS, if you increase it and then you can’t anymore you can take the PIPS and the number will stay the same and won’t decrease.

  28. I think Ron Paul should have some VP choices that best suit him. I doubt he’d select those offered to him. In fact, I don’t even think he’d select Gary Johnson. Maybe Napolitano or Ventura or Roemer. I’m not a huge Ron Paul fan so I’m sure others may have more realistic options for him, but those are the best that I can think of.

  29. Also, I think there might need to be a few non-Governor surrogates, influential congressmen, former politicians, ex-presidents, businessmen, etc. Colin Powell would be one example, because he may or may not support Obama this year. It may have at least a small impact on how people view Obama’s 1st term.

  30. Another thing I noticed is that Ron Paul will often endorse someone. I don’t think he would endorse anyone unless they promised to shift their position closer to his own. For instance, playing now, he just endorsed Romney and dropped out.

  31. The game crashed when I secured nomination with Clinton and then made an offer to Obama for the VP position. Also, I was able to do the Corruption speech as much as I wanted. Don’t know if that is a glitch or not.

  32. Occasionally when I click on Strategy I will get the following error:

    Access violation at address 0055928D in module ‘p4e12.exe’. Read of access 000001E0

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