Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.9b

President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.9b has been released. This fixes the Veep Mark Warner bug.

Note: after installation, this version will still say ’1.1.9′. You will know it is installed if you can view Hillary Clinton’s Veep Mark Warner on the Player Information Screen.

What we’re working on next: A button to set Surrogates to automatic and more Republican candidates, among other things.

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17 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.9b”

  1. Hi. Thanks for your update. It’s really great 🙂

    There’s few thing that I would like to ask for you.

    First, can you make the ‘Show +,-% on Map’ option to be more cleanly?
    I mean, the decimals take too spaces in the display. They cover almost whole map every Monday in the map and it doesn’t look so good.
    +14.2 would seem better when its +14, like P4E8 version’s one.

    And, I think that current game’s interface is, somewhat graphic-based and un-intuitional, making a contrast with 2008 version.

    Finally, can you add 2000 scenario?

    It’s so great simulation game and I really appreciate you.

  2. Here’s a suggestion. Could you make the VP picks, at least for incumbents, less random. When playing, Obama has been dropping Biden every time since HClinton and Warner were added in the mix.

    I’m getting really excited about the game, as usual.

    I agree with the statement above, I think the 2000 election is crucial. I also think 1912 is essential (100 year anniversary for one of the most interesting elections — 4 parties).

    I’d say these are the best elections to include:

    1844 (Polk wins as dark horse)
    1852 (Pierce wins as a dark horse)
    1860 (4-way race with Lincoln as the victor)
    1876 (Controversial Hays vs Tilden election)
    1880 (Garfield narrowly beats a 3rd term attempt by Grant at the convention)
    1888 (Exceptionally close election between incumbent Cleveland vs Harrison)
    1912 (4-way + TR comeback attempt)
    1960 (JFK vs Nixon)
    1992 (Interesting 3-way race)
    2000 (Bush vs Gore)

    Obviously, include all elections if possible. If you must choose, choose the above elections. They would be the most interesting as far as playing. I’m sure you may want to include FDR or Reagan elections but those were landslide victories.

    2008 (obviously want to include the last election

  3. I was just wondering why Santorum can only use 1 cp to get an endorsrment and also when will y’all be adding perry and bauchmsn and huntsman?

  4. Hello
    A few notes
    1) The game is way to easy playing as Obama even on the hardest level
    2) I think playing day by day gets very boring in the primaries, could you increase it to weeks?
    3) After barnstorming in a state the headline in the summary/newspaper says that the candidate/surrogate barnstormed in the state they were previously in. Michelle Obama is constantly campaigning in DC.
    4) The game crashes and shows an error message when increasing the VPs debating skill.

  5. Hi Reuben,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Feedback noted.
    2. There is a Fast Forward option once you have secured the nomination in the primaries. Options > Fast Forward.
    3. I have fixed a bug that sounds like it was related to this – computer player’s surrogates wouldn’t barnstorm. Was this happening for your own surrogates or computer players’?
    4. Thanks – fixed in the latest internal version.

  6. @Kevin,

    Each candidate is limited to 1 CP per endorser per turn. I have added this to the help file.

    Perry, Bachmann, and Huntsman are at the top of the list of things to add. This will probably be added by the end of next week.

  7. @Jonathan re: historical elections,

    First scenario added will probably be 2016. After that, we’ll see. Feedback noted.

  8. @Kafka Kim,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Re: change in percentages, done. In the latest interval, change in percentages is displayed without the decimal point.

    Is there anything in specific you are finding un-intuitional in the interface?

  9. I was playing as Santorum and on July 4th I offered to be Romney’s VP i dont know if he accepted or not because an error message popped up and the game crashed

  10. Regarding surrogates and candidates campaigning I have only noticed it with the candidate Ive been playing with.
    Regarding the fast forward button it is an ok thing, I dont like the loss of control though and would like to be able to amass a large war chest for the fall campaign, I personally prefer playing weekly before the general election, or if you could make it an option to do so.

  11. Another idea I had would be to allow for joint (fundraising, campaign) events with the candidate and vp/surrogate if in the same state same day, could generate more momentum, different headlines and more money at a fundraiser.

  12. @Reuben re: join fundraisers,

    That’s an interesting idea. One possibility would be if both Leader and Vice-Leader are doing an event in the same state the same day, it would take fewer CPs. We’ll see.

  13. @Craig,

    If you get an endorsement, some endorsers can become surrogates. It will say ‘potential surrogate’ on the Endorsers Screen. Once you have gained their endorsement, that potential surrogate is automatically put into your list of possible surrogates. You can then create the surrogate by going to the Surrogate Screen, and creating them as you would any other surrogate.

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