Insert Witty President Forever 2012 Slogan Here – President Forever 2012 New Slogan Contest

Hi everyone,

With the official release of President Forever 2012, I’m looking forward to fine-tuning and adding features to make the game even better.

It’s also time to start thinking of fun things like … game slogans! So, here’s the current banner for P4E12:

Do you think you can do better than the slogan “Who will become the next President? It’s up to you!”?

Here are the rules of the contest:

1. Post a slogan here.

2. Slogan can be at most 80 characters.

3. You can post as many slogans as you like.

4. The winner will receive a $50 270soft gift certificate, and we’ll also pick a runner-up who will receive a $20 270soft gift certificate.

5. Winners will be chosen by 270soft.

That’s it – over to you!

15 thoughts on “Insert Witty President Forever 2012 Slogan Here – President Forever 2012 New Slogan Contest”

  1. Can you guide your candidate, from their mom’s basement, to the white house?

    Can you guide your candidate, from your mom’s basement, to the white house?


    You may be able to spend the most money, but will you get change from that?

    That last one swings both ways… get it?

    The first one vs the second one: The word “their”, was exchanged for the word “your”. It creates the illusion of a stereotypical adult gamer, living/playing in his mom’s basement. This may be offensive to some, but is more witty/accurate than a candidate (running for president), living in his mom’s basement. Please don’t assume, I meant Obama or Romney, is living in your mom’s basement. Thank you, Martin N.

  2. Raise the cash, Make the case, debate your opponent, and see who wins.
    Show you have what it takes to win the hearts and minds of the American people.
    Have what it takes to get elected President? Prove it.

    Just some ideas I hope you like.
    Thank you, Wilfred

  3. The Next President? You are the one!


    Here, you make President for ever. Whoever, whenever, whatsoever.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. “Who knew you reach the White House from your computer?”

    “Pretty soon, you’ll have Hillary Clinton asking you to be her Campaign Manger in 2016.”

    “Pretty soon, you’ll make Karl Rove and David Axelrod look foolish.”

    Just some ideas for slogans. 🙂

  5. “In America, anyone can be President… as long as you help them.”

    “In the wake of the recession, can your candidate save America? Show us.”

    “Everyone was born alike, except Democrats and Republicans…”

  6. Tired of following the campaign? Run you own.

    Make your own history. President Forever.

    Don’t be a follower. LIVE the campaign with President Forever.

  7. Battle across every state in the Union to fulfill your manifest destiny—and rule from sea to shining sea.

    Fulfill your manifest destiny to rule from sea to shining sea.

    Spin, attack, debate, and campaign your way into the highest office in the land.

    Keep Calm and Campaign On.

    Everyone’s said they could “campaign better”—here’s your chance to prove it.

    (some shamelessly inspired by the tagline to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri!)

  8. “President Forever 2012: Your Ticket to the West Wing.”

    “President Forever 2012: Making the Future.”

    “50 States, 2 Parties, 12 Candidates, all in your computer.”

  9. – Once every 4 years just isn’t enough!

    – The only poll that matters is the one on election day.

    I also liked:
    Harry: The only number that matters is 270.
    Taylor: Run the campaign you wish they would run.

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