Update on next version of President Forever 2012

Hi everyone,

Right now, v. 1.1.7 of President Forever 2012 is being worked on. This will include offers between players (including the ability of computer players to leave the election), and an expanded number of veep options for the Republicans side. This is being held up by some subtle bugs, but should be released soon. We’re looking at an official release of 2012 in late August or early September. The game will then continue to be updated until the election. Thanks for your patience!

15 thoughts on “Update on next version of President Forever 2012”

  1. @Kevin,

    If a few elusive bugs can be solved, the next version will be released this week.


    We might add extra candidates later. Not for this release, though.

  2. I’d like to see some Dems or Reps running as 3rd parties. That is if the game will allow for hypothetical scenarios.

  3. @Best,

    Not decided at this point – may have Green and Constitution, we’ll see.


    That’s a little tricky with the game engine at its current stage – we’ll see as things proceed.


    Yes, there’s a chance, but it most likely will not be created before the election.


    As soon as some bugs are fixed. Maybe in a couple days.

  4. I actually have a few suggestions for a newer version of the engine.
    Basically you would work your way up from county mayor, county commisioner, state rep., state senator, U.S rep., U.S congressman/woman, U.S senator, govenor, and president.
    Of course you don’t have to go in that direction but you would actually play as the elected official and as the election period roles around you can decide to run for whatever position you want too.
    Of course the longer you stay in a certain position the better known you would be, wrather than just jumping straight to a high ranked position and running as a unknown.
    This can also work good with current candidates or elected officials.You would start out finishing the candidates last year in that position and that year will decide your approval rating and you could then make the decision to run for a different position.

    I dunno how you feel about all that, but it makes the game more in depth in my opinoin and should be considerd.

  5. Is there a way during the primary that once someone drops out or endorses you that they could become a surrogate for you?

    We see this a lot and could be a nice addition for using your PIPs to win their endorsement.

  6. @Kevin,

    Yes, this is a feature that we have been moving towards. Once they drop out, they will either become an endorser who has already endorsed you (if they did so when dropping out) and can be turned into a surrogate, or a potential endorser who if you win the endorsement can be turned into a surrogate.

  7. @John,

    Thanks for the suggestion – at this point, that would take a lot of work to do and so is not going to happen for President Forever 2012, but I think it’s an interesting idea that would make for good game play.

  8. So multiplayer was enabled back in 2004 and the earlier version? Can you explain why it was disconnected?

  9. @Rz,

    Multiplayer is a feature we’d like to add, but it would take significant time and effort to do so.

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