Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 – First Screenshot

Here is the first screenshot from Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011:

Here, the numbers used are from the 2008 election results, with a universal shift based on a recent poll, giving the Conservatives 147 seats, plus another 6 where they are tied, for a theoretical total of 153 seats – 2 short of majority.

More news on PM4E Canada 2011 to come.

4 thoughts on “Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 – First Screenshot”

  1. Looks like a great step forward for the series.

    A couple questions:

    What is the purpose of the crown icon? (step ten)

    Will the 2008 wonk map be included?

  2. Crown icon: access Leader activities.

    2008 wonk map: not initially, at least. I will probably take the 2008 normal map, and then add in a few more divisions after initial release.

    Game release: should be this coming week. I’d like to coincide it with the debate on Tu., and barring any major hiccups from here till then, that should happen.

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