Washington straw poll results

The second straw poll of the year for Republicans was held in Washington state. This straw poll, like New Hampshire’s about a week ago, is mainly an indication of sentiment among Republican operatives (= elites) within the state, and not necessarily the sentiment of rank-and-file members. It is probably more applicable to a caucus than a primary.

So, the winner is …

  1. Gov. Mitch Daniels 31%
  2. Gov. Mitt Romney 14%
  3. Gov. Tim Pawlenty 13%
  4. Gov. Chris Christie 9%
  5. Sen. John Thune 8%
  6. Gov. Bobby Jindal 5%
  7. Rep. Paul Ryan 3%
  8. Rep. Newt Gingrich 3%
  9. Sen. Jim DeMint 3%
  10. Gov. Sarah Palin 3%
  11. Gov. Haley Barbour 2%
  12. Gov. Mike Huckabee 2%
  13. Rep. Mike Pence 1%
  14. Amb. Jon Huntsman, Jr.  1%
  15. Rep. Michele Bachmann 1%
  16. Rep. Ron Paul 1%

Note: sample was approx. 300 Republican activists and politicians.

Compare and contrast to the New Hampshire staw poll:

The winner in the New Hampshire straw poll was Mitt Romney, so we have one for Mitch Daniels, one for Mitt Romney, and by similar margins. Tim Pawlenty was in the top 3 in both straw polls, and was neck-and-neck with Romney for 2nd in this straw poll. Ron Paul did much worse in the Washington poll (11% -> 1%). John Thune had a strong result at 5th and 8% (4th place if you don’t count Chris Christie, who has repeatedly insisted he is not interested in running). Mike Huckabee’s showing in both straw polls has been weak (3% -> 2%).

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  1. Well…I think that shows we shouldn’t rush to judgement that it will be either Palin, Huckabee, or Romney as the nominee! 🙂

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